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How to Create Facebook Ads That People Love (& Also Generate Sales)

The holy grail of advertising is to create an ad that people like and actually want to share with friends, while at the same time including an offer to drive leads and sales. Watch a few Geico commercials to see how it's done. However, most ads fall well short of that lofty, 2-pronged goal.  They typically [...]

The 4 Ingredients of a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

All successful Facebook ad campaigns have 4 ingredients in common. Can you guess what they are? Before reading any further, take a minute to write down your answers (try to resist the urge to scroll down!). I'll get to the answer in a minute, but first there are a couple key concepts to address so [...]

Facebook Ads 101: The 11 Types of Ads & When To Use Them

Facebook advertising sounds pretty simple at first, but when you start to create a new campaign you’re immediately asked to pick from one of the 11 different types of ads available. Woah! 11 different types of ads is overwhelming even for experienced advertisers!  If you’re just getting started, then facing the decision to pick the [...]

3 Reasons Why We Invest In Social Media & You Should Too

I'll admit, when social media sprinted on to the digital marketing scene, I was extremely skeptical.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all the other social media sites reminded me of MySpace and my first instinct was to wait until they all followed the same path to destruction.  I was very cautious to avoid investing [...]

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