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Does Search Engine Marketing Work For Every Business?

I just had an interesting conversation with a prospective client.  He called and wanted to hire us right away for search engine marketing services, but I ending up explaining that search advertising is not a good fit! Yes, you read that correctly.  My company provides AdWords advertising services and I convinced this prospect that it [...]

Are Keywords Getting Phased Out of Search Engine Marketing?

Over the past couple weeks several clients have asked me if keywords are still relevant for search engine marketing (SEM).  Keyword research is a hot topic because of the recent Hummingbird update, along with Google's decision to remove keyword data from Google Analytics.  So let's address this question head on.  Are keywords going to be [...]

Search Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing

In July, I offered to review Google AdWords accounts for free, and 58 business owners took me up on my offer.  My goal was to make sure accounts were set up properly for the new Enhanced Campaign structure that AdWords rolled out on July 22.  A lot has changed recently so it was a good [...]

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