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A Guide to the Google Ads Universe

When you think of Google Ads, then where do you picture the ads?  My guess is you immediately think of the ads on  Do a search in Google and you'll typically see 3-4 ads at the top of the page that look strikingly similar to the organic results, except for the small "Ad" text [...]

How to Improve Your Google AdWords Performance Using All Your Football Knowledge

In case you haven't noticed, we're officially in "football season."  That means you'll now see the Manning brothers in every other TV commercial followed by a plug to play and win millions in a fantasy football league.  There's no escaping the football madness. :) Not even here... That's because there is a lot of similarity [...]

3 Criteria For Choosing Your Google AdWords Keywords

If you have ever conducted keyword research for a Google AdWords search campaign, then you know the process can be daunting. Go to and start searching for relevant keywords for your business.  Within seconds you'll literally have hundreds of pages of keywords that Google has determined are related to your products or services. That's [...]

Digital Marketing Options If You Can’t Afford Super Bowl Ads This Sunday

This Sunday is one of the most anticipated events for both sports fans and marketing executives.  Of course I'm talking about Super Bowl XLIX.  Even if you don't know which teams are playing (Patriots and Seahawks), and you don't know the difference between a touch down and a touchback, chances are pretty good you're going to tune [...]

Why You Can Not Optimize One Webpage For Both SEO and Advertising

I realized as I was meeting with a client last week that there's a common misconception about how to optimize your website for search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertising (i.e. Google AdWords). For both SEO and search advertising, your website plays a critical, yet very different, role.  The misconception is that a single webpage [...]

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