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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign Settings Checklist

Earlier this year Google announced the Enhanced Campaign migration and like most other advertisers, I've been kicking and screaming ever since.  The last thing I like to do is spend time relearning something that from my perspective worked perfectly fine "the old way." The deadline to migrate was July 22, 2013 so most advertisers are [...]

How to Dominate Your Market Using Google AdWords

Last Friday we tackled the question, "how much should you spend in Google AdWords?" That's a question we get over and over again from our clients and it's really the wrong question to ask.  First of all, advertising should not be considered an expense.  It's an investment.  When set up and managed properly, online advertising [...]

The 2 Sides of Google AdWords

Over the past year, I've reviewed dozens of Google AdWords campaigns. And in the process, I've noticed people making the same mistakes over and over again. In today's article, I want to highlight one VERY common AdWords mistake that can cost you a ton of money if you're not careful... When you think about Google AdWords, [...]

How to Use Google Remarketing to Bring Prospects Back

Here's a sobering fact: The vast majority of prospects who visit your website each day will NOT fill out a contact form or call or chat or enter an email address to access your free report or do anything else that you want your prospects to do. One minute your ideal prospect is reading about [...]

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