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5 Reasons to Love the Google AdWords Display Network

When you think of Google AdWords advertising, then you likely picture the ads in Google's search results (aka Search Network ads).  Search Network advertising is a great opportunity to get your business in front of prospects at the exact time they are searching for your product or service.  It's hard to beat that kind of targeting and timing. That's [...]

The 3 Critical Areas to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

When I talk to business owners who are managing their own AdWords campaigns, they typically fall into one of the following two categories: First is the "set-it-and-forget-it" management style.  They check in on the ads once a month (or so), but for the most part do not make any edits.  In other words, they are not actively managing [...]

How to Track Phone Calls From Google AdWords Campaigns

One of my favorite aspects of online advertising is the fact that you can precisely measure and track performance.  With Google AdWords search ads for example, you know exactly how many times your ad was displayed in the search results, how many people clicked on your ad, and how many people completed a form on [...]

One Edit to Get Better Ad Position, Cheaper Clicks & More Sales

What is the one edit you can make to a Google AdWords campaign to get better ad position, cheaper clicks and more sales? Did you know that was possible? I promise, this is not a trick question. You can literally reduce ad costs while at the same time improve your ad position and generate more [...]

Why You Can Not Optimize One Webpage For Both SEO and Advertising

I realized as I was meeting with a client last week that there's a common misconception about how to optimize your website for search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertising (i.e. Google AdWords). For both SEO and search advertising, your website plays a critical, yet very different, role.  The misconception is that a single webpage [...]

How to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score (In Just 24 Hours)

Yesterday, I helped one of our Marketing Breakthrough members clean up his AdWords account.  Together, we ran some reports and quickly saw that some of the keywords had low Quality Scores.  It didn't take us long to see what the problem was by looking at the Keyword Status and within 24-hours we improved many keywords [...]

Is Google AdWords a Good Opportunity for YOU?

I recently read a comment in an online discussion where someone said you need $5,000 - $10,000 to even consider AdWords.  In that same thread, another "expert" proclaimed that AdWords doesn't work anymore because the costs are too high.  With all this conflicting (mis)information flying around it's no wonder there's a TON of confusion and [...]

Use AdWords Segment Reports To Fix 2 Potential Problems

When I first learned how to use Google AdWords back in early 2006, their reporting tools were fairly simple.  There was a separate area in AdWords dedicated to reporting and only basic metrics like impressions, clicks, cost, and conversions were available. Boy have things changed over the years! Now, there's no separate reporting section.  Instead, [...]

AdWords Conversion Tracking Just Got MUCH Better

If you're using Google AdWords and some or all of your sales occur OFF of the internet (i.e. over the phone or in your store/office), then I have some amazing news.  Well actually, Google has the news and they released it last Thursday on their blog. Google AdWords now gives advertisers the ability to import [...]

Search Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing

In July, I offered to review Google AdWords accounts for free, and 58 business owners took me up on my offer.  My goal was to make sure accounts were set up properly for the new Enhanced Campaign structure that AdWords rolled out on July 22.  A lot has changed recently so it was a good [...]

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