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In Advertising, It Doesn’t Pay to Treat Everyone Equally

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Or maybe I should say #MLK for all you younger readers. :) As I'm sure you know, today's holiday is to recognize King's success in protesting racial discrimination.  In King's most famous "I Have a Dream" speech, he declared his dream that one day we'll all be [...]

Are Keywords Getting Phased Out of Search Engine Marketing?

Over the past couple weeks several clients have asked me if keywords are still relevant for search engine marketing (SEM).  Keyword research is a hot topic because of the recent Hummingbird update, along with Google's decision to remove keyword data from Google Analytics.  So let's address this question head on.  Are keywords going to be [...]

2 Steps to Rescue a Failing Ad Campaign

A close friend recently recommended The Six-Month Fix: Adventures in Rescuing Failing Companies by Gary Sutton.  Sounded interesting, so I just started reading it today.  Sutton's blunt and in-your-face writing style is addictive and so far I'm really enjoying the book -- but I'll warn you, it's not for the meek.  Sort of reminds me [...]

‘Million Dollar Listing’ Lessons to Improve Your Online Advertising

I have a confession to make.  My wife and I are hooked on the show, "Million Dollar Listing."  It's completely mindless, but I just love to see the inside of $4MM+ penthouses in New York City, and the three main characters (the realtors) are so over the top.  It's hilarious and if you haven't watched [...]

How to Follow Up Without Collecting Prospect Emails

I literally just finished typing up the April Marketing Action Guide for our Main Street Inner Circle members.  It's all about how to create what's called a "lead magnet."  The concept is simple, but it's not always easy to put into practice so I documented a step by step process any business can use to [...]

Google AdWords vs. Google AdWords Express

This year Google is making a big push with direct mail advertising to promote their AdWords platform to small businesses. Pretty funny when you think about the irony of having to use "offline" advertising to promote an "online" advertising platform :) And in order to cast a wider net and get even more businesses onboard, [...]

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