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Is Your Website Structured Properly to Rank in Google?

Did you know that the structure of your website plays a critical role in search engine optimization (SEO)?  And it's possible that the current structure of your website is holding you back from ranking in Google. When I say structure, I'm not talking about the code and meta tags on your webpages.  Yes, that's important, [...]

3 Criteria For Choosing Your Google AdWords Keywords

If you have ever conducted keyword research for a Google AdWords search campaign, then you know the process can be daunting. Go to and start searching for relevant keywords for your business.  Within seconds you'll literally have hundreds of pages of keywords that Google has determined are related to your products or services. That's [...]

Has SEO Really Changed With All the Google Algorithm Updates?

As you probably know, Google is constantly tweaking and refining their search engine algorithm in an attempt to improve the search results for their users. It's impossible to keep track of every single change (unless you work for Google), but Moz does track the major algorithm updates if you have some time to kill. Scroll [...]

Are Keywords Getting Phased Out of Search Engine Marketing?

Over the past couple weeks several clients have asked me if keywords are still relevant for search engine marketing (SEM).  Keyword research is a hot topic because of the recent Hummingbird update, along with Google's decision to remove keyword data from Google Analytics.  So let's address this question head on.  Are keywords going to be [...]

Keyword Data Is Now (Not Provided) In Google Analytics

If you want to know the exact keywords your prospects are typing into Google to find your website, then you used to turn to Google Analytics (GA).  There's a nifty report in GA called the "Organic Search Traffic Report" that used to list all the keyword phrases your prospects searched before clicking on your website [...]

Is Google AdWords a Good Opportunity for YOU?

I recently read a comment in an online discussion where someone said you need $5,000 - $10,000 to even consider AdWords.  In that same thread, another "expert" proclaimed that AdWords doesn't work anymore because the costs are too high.  With all this conflicting (mis)information flying around it's no wonder there's a TON of confusion and [...]

Targeting Your ‘Bullseye’ Keywords

If you're using SEO or Google AdWords, here's a rule you must follow:  aim for the bullseye, first. This rule is so critical to success with search engine marketing... and yet most people don't follow it. And in this article, I'm going to explain what "bullseye" keywords are, why they're so important, and how you can [...]

The 2 Types of SEO Small Business Owners Need to Know About

The last week or so, I've had several conversations with our clients about their 2012 marketing plans, goals, and challenges. And a few things have stood out. Overwhelmingly, the #1 goal they have, when it comes to their online marketing, is to get more traffic from Google. And specifically, they're interested in getting FREE traffic [...]

How to Do Keyword Research for a PPC Campaign

Whenever I'm speaking with a potential client about an online marketing,  I almost always recommend they start out with pay per click (PPC) advertising. Why? Because it’s the fastest way to get your marketing message in front of a laser-targeted group of potential customers. (And I usually recommend starting with Google AdWords because it’s the [...]

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