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The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

Looking for a complete guide to Google Analytics that will show you step-by-step how to use Google Analytics to make smarter marketing decisions? Look no further... You’re minutes away from learning how to track and measure the return on investment (ROI) from all of your digital marketing using Google Analytics.   No more guessing that [...]

Case Study: How to Identify Where Your Leads Are Coming From

In this article I'm going to present a case study about how to determine where your website leads are coming from. Once you understand which marketing tactics are driving leads, then you can focus your resources on improving those tactics to generate even more leads and sales.   Background One of our clients recently saw [...]

Google Ads Checklist: 9 Key PPC Search Campaign Settings

I just setup a Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) campaign for a client, and I've decided to share our Google Ads Checklist because I think you'll benefit from it when setting up a new campaign. If you're about to launch a new Google Ads PPC search campaign, then there are 9 key settings [...]

[AdWords Case Study] How Conversion Tracking Led to 53% More Profit & 199% More Revenue

With Google AdWords, your campaign performance is directly proportional to the accuracy of your conversion tracking. In other words, the more accurately you can track sales generated directly from your AdWords campaigns, the better your ad performance.  When you know exactly which keywords and ads are driving sales and which are simply wasting your money, [...]

Why Conversion Tracking Is Not Enough to Measure Google AdWords Performance

With Google AdWords, the "numbers don't lie," but they don't always tell the whole truth either. That may sound strange considering one of the main benefits of digital advertising is all the tracking data available.  However, conversion tracking, or quantitative data, only tells half of the story and is not enough to measure Google AdWords performance. What's the other [...]

Which Google AdWords Metrics Should You Be Looking At?

When you log into Google AdWords, it's easy to get overwhelmed.  On almost every page you'll find a new table full of data, along with a graph that charts your different metrics over a given date range. For more experienced advertisers, the robust reporting capabilities are great for digging into campaigns to make improvements.  However, if you're just [...]

The Most Important Google AdWords Metric & How to Track It

What if there was a way to buy your customers?  I mean, picture a store where you could find your ideal customers, place your order and walk out with your sales quota for the month. If that was real, then how much would you pay for each customer?  At what price point would your eyes light up [...]

What Really Determines Success or Failure in Digital Marketing

What is the one thing that determines success for failure in a digital marketing campaign? Don't worry, I'm not going to make you wait until the end for an answer to this question... The answer is your tracking.  Literally speaking, your tracking is what tells you whether your digital marketing campaign was a success or [...]

How to Measure ALL of Your Marketing Campaigns

Last week I wrote about how SEO, advertising, email and social media all work together to improve your digital marketing performance.  Today, I want to talk about how to track and measure each of these marketing channels. The fact is, if you can't track each marketing channel to calculate ROI, then you'll have no idea if it's [...]

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