5 Ways To Create Great SEO Blog Content

Blogging remains a smart, affordable and manageable SEO strengthening strategy for small businesses. Smart, because a continuous flow of keyword focused content shows Google that your site is active and growing. Affordable, because written content is currently the most affordable content to purchase or create. Manageable, because this content should show off your small businesses expertise. In [...]

5 Reasons to Start Blogging (Even If You Hate to Write)

I'm not a writer by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, one of the main reasons I studied engineering in college was because there were no writing assignments.  And on the rare occasion I did have to write a paper for school I would always double space with Courier New font.  :) Yet, last year [...]

The Best Reason To Blog (It’s Not For SEO)

There is a huge misconception about the role of blogging in an online marketing strategy. Many businesses, and even some search engine optimization (SEO) consultants, believe blogging is an SEO tactic.  But this is NOT true! Yes, blogging does have a lot of benefits for an SEO campaign, but that's not the purpose of a [...]

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