What would you say is the #1 trait that all successful business owners have in common?

Well, I’d say that successful business owners aren’t just the owners of their businesses. They’re also the marketers of their businesses.

Too many business owners refuse to become marketers of their businesses because they just want to focus on delivering their services. And I believe that’s a primary reason why so many businesses fail.

Here at Main Street ROI, we believe that marketing is THE most important function in your business for the simple reason that marketing delivers your customers.

If you don’t have control over your marketing, then you won’t attract and retain your customers. And, of course, customers are the lifeblood of any business.

For that reason, we believe YOU must be in control of your marketing.

If you’re going to outsource or delegate aspects of your marketing, you must first understand how it works (or how it’s supposed to work)… otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

That’s why, at Main Street ROI, we provide strategies, training, and tools to help you become a more effective marketer.

We regularly publish marketing tips on our blog and in our newsletter… free of charge.

And we’re also developing marketing courses specifically designed for local business owners. Our courses take proven strategies and lay them out for you in simple, actionable lessons, so you get results.

Our first course, The Local SEO Formula, walks you through all the steps to get ranked #1 in Google’s local search results.

And our upcoming course, AdWords Success Formula, will walk you through all the steps to create a profitable Google AdWords campaign, from start to finish.


Quick Update on ‘AdWords Success Formula’

Ever since we first suggested we might create a course on Google AdWords for local businesses, we immediately got a positive response.  And we’ve had many customers and clients ask us when it’s going to be ready and what will be included.

So, today, I wanted to provide you with a quick update…

1. Why are we creating AdWords Success Formula?

There are tons of blogs, books, ebooks, courses, workshops and seminars on how to create and manage Google AdWords campaigns.  We’ve studied most of them, and there are many excellent resources available.

But based on our research, none of them connects all the dots for local business owners about how to create a profitable local advertising campaign from start to finish.

AdWords Success Formula will be the #1 AdWords guide for owners of small businesses like restaurants, chiropractors, dentists, attorneys, and others who want to advertise to attract new local customers.

2. What’s included in AdWords Success Formula?

A lot. :)

It’s important to us that you have all the information and tools you need to create a profitable AdWords campaign. For that reason, AdWords Success Formula goes way beyond just how to set up a campaign and how to manage your bids.

We’ll lay out our entire AdWords methodology for you from start to finish, including:

  1. How to effectively plan your campaign, so you minimize risk before you spend a penny on ads
  2. How to perform keyword research, so you target keywords with the highest likelihood of success
  3. How to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), so you stand out from the competition
  4. How to create an Irresistible Offer, so it’s easy for customers to say “Yes” and start doing business with you
  5. How to draft ads that compel your Ideal Customers to click
  6. How to create Landing Pages that turn visitors into hot prospects
  7. How to set up proper Tracking (online and offline), so you can track your Return on Investment (ROI)
  8. How to create your Google AdWords campaign with all the right settings, so you avoid wasteful mistakes
  9. How to optimize your ads, bids, and landing pages to attract more customers and improve your ROI
  10. How to expand to Google’s Display network, plus retargeting (aka “remarketing”) and mobile


I think it’s safe to say that we’re creating the most comprehensive Google AdWords course available on the market today (whether for local businesses, or any other type of business for that matter).

3. When will it be ready?

Well, Phil recently started recording the training videos. (AdWords Success Formula will be an online video course).

Phil’s about half-way done recording the videos, so we’re aiming to have it ready for you sometime during the week of February 13th.

In the meantime, if you’d like to get a “sneak preview” of some of the tips and strategies we outline in our upcoming AdWords Success Formula, click the link below and request a copy of our free AdWords report.

Click here –> 10 Steps to Dominate Google AdWords