Does your business have a public relations (PR) strategy to get ongoing publicity month after month?

If not, then by the end of this article you’ll understand why it’s so important for your long term success.  When done properly, PR can be one of the fastest and cheapest ways to grow your business.


Why is PR So Important?

If you’re not leveraging PR, then you’re missing out on the following 4 key benefits:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Traffic Generation
  3. Conversion Optimization
  4. Partner Generation


I can’t think of any business that wouldn’t want more leads, traffic, conversions, and strategic partners.  Yet few businesses take advantage of this FREE opportunity.

So how does PR generate more leads?


1. Lead Generation

When you (the business owner) or your business is featured on TV, radio, magazines, or even online, then your prospects take notice and naturally want to learn more.  Immediately following the publicity, you’ll receive more phone calls and more visits to your website.  As long as you have a good system for collecting lead information via phone and online, then you will quickly generate leads from your PR.


2. Traffic Generation

As I just mentioned above, prospects will visit a business’s website to learn more after hearing about them in the media.  But that’s just a short burst of traffic that doesn’t last too long.

The long term affects of the PR will come from the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.  For example, virtually every time you get publicity the media source will publish a link on their website (i.e. or to your website.  As you may know, these link are HUGE to increase your search engine rankings because they are from authoritative websites that Google loves.

So by getting ongoing publicity, you’ll naturally improve your rankings in the search engines, which in turn will drive even more traffic to your website every month.


3. Conversion Optimization

Now you know PR will generate more leads and more ongoing traffic, but it gets even better.  The more publicity you can leverage, the higher your sales conversion rates will be.  So not only will you generate more traffic, but you’ll be converting a higher percentage of visitors into paying customers!

The reason your conversion rates improve is because publicity is incredibly powerful social proof that instantly gives your business credibility.

Think about it.  If I had the choice to do business with company X or company Y and the only difference was that I saw company Y featured in Inc. Magazine, then guess who I’m giving my money to?  That’s right, company Y wins my business because I trust Inc. Magazine and by featuring company Y they provided a 3rd party endorsement.

Don’t underestimate the power of publicity to improve your sales conversions.  This benefit alone usually justifies the work involved.


4. Partner Generation

The fourth benefit of publicity is to generate strategic partners. If you’re not sure how or why you should form partnerships, then check out this article: “How to Attract New Customers By Partnering With Other Local Businesses.”

Prospects are not the only people who will see you in the media.  As mentioned above, publicity gives you instant social proof and credibility, which you can leverage to form partnerships.


How to Get Publicity

If you want more tips about how to get free publicity for your business, then click here to watch a free video presentation.  In this video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Attract a ton of high-quality leads
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Help your website get ranked higher in Google
  • Position you as superior to your competitors