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Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing services are designed to drive more engagement from your prospects and customers. Our social media marketing services consist of two phases: Setup and Management.

Phase I – Social Media Marketing Setup

Step 1. Social Media Audit & Plan

The first step is to identify how/where to reach your prospects online. For example, we’ll research which keyword phrases your prospects are searching in Google to research and shop for your products and services. We’ll also review how to target your ideal demographic audience on Facebook.

Step 2. Social Media Account Setup & Configuration

Next, we will review your existing accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) to ensure they are set up properly (or we’ll set them up if they do not exist). We’ll also add the icons/links to your website if they’re not already linked on your website.

Step 3. Social Media Marketing Tracking & Analytics Setup

The next step is to set up the social media marketing tracking so we can monitor the performance of your campaigns. We will install and configure Google Analytics on your website if it’s not already.

Step 4. Draft Social Media Calendar & Posts

Next, we’ll create your social media calendar and draft posts for the next 30 days, for your review and approval. Upon approval of posts, we will begin Phase II (ongoing management).

Phase II – Social Media Marketing Management

Once we have your social media accounts set up, we’ll develop and post social media content on an ongoing basis, and we’ll report on what types of content are driving engagement most effectively.

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