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SEO Jumpstart: 30 Days to
Higher Rankings in Google!”

Hi, it’s Phil Frost from Main Street ROI, and I’m inviting you to attend our SEO master class.

We designed “SEO Jumpstart” to help you get all SEO systems up and running in just 30 days, so you can start ranking higher in Google ASAP.

Scroll down to learn all about the class, and click “Register Now” to place your refundable deposit and secure your spot.

Expert SEO Training & Hands-On Help

SEO Jumpstart is all about taking action and getting results. And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about SEO, plus you get an SEO audit and hands-on technical implementation from our web developers.

There are 4 sessions of recorded video trainings (provided weekly), as well as an SEO audit, technical assistance, plus expert 1-on-1 SEO consulting via email and phone with me, Phil Frost.

SEO Jumpstart is a 100% online class, so you'll attend from the convenience of your office or home via your internet connection.

You're getting access to recorded video training, so you can go through the training on your own schedule.

At the end of the class, you’ll have your website optimized for SEO, you’ll have your Google My Business profile (aka your local Google profile) set up and optimized, you’ll have new links to your website, and you will be on your way to ranking higher.

Here’s What We Cover in the Class...

The class is structured around the 4 keys to get ranked in Google and profit with SEO (we call them "The 4 R's"):
  • 1. Research
  • 2. Relevance
  • 3. Reputation
  • 4. Revenue

Session #1
Week 1. Research

Keyword research is the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. When you choose the right keywords, you'll get ranked in Google faster, you'll get more qualified prospects contacting you from your website, and you'll convert more of those prospects into paying customers. And during week 1, we'll show you how to do it right. You'll discover:
  • The 2 types of keywords you should focus on (and which to start with first)
  • How to make sure your keywords will attract customers (not tire-kickers)
  • A simple trick to find “low hanging fruit” (low competition) keywords
  • Common keyword research mistakes to avoid
  • And much more...
By the end of the week, you'll have a laser-targeted list of keywords for your SEO campaigns. And you'll use that list as the foundation for Week 2...

Session #2
Week 2. Relevance

Week 2 is a big week -- we’ll be bringing you up to speed fast.

You'll learn what specific changes you must make to your website to start showing up in Google for you target keywords.

This aspect of SEO is called "on-page SEO." We'll show you the specific edits you should make to your website, as well as technical errors that are likely preventing your website from ranking in Google.

During week 2, you’ll learn:
  • Top 2 SEO mistakes to avoid, when it comes to your website structure
  • How to create pages that Google will LOVE to rank #1
  • Tips, guidelines and templates for writing title tags, meta descriptions and headers (h1, h2, h3)
  • Website copy guidelines (how many words per page, mistakes to avoid, and more)
  • How to use blogging to improve your rankings and grow your traffic
  • And more...
We'll also show you how to create and optimize your Google My Business profile so you start ranking in your local area for your target keywords, FAST.

How fast can you start ranking in Google? Every situation is different, but many of our students have been able to reach the first page within 30 days using our local SEO techniques.
Here are just a couple of comments from past students who have followed our SEO best practices:
It was only 4 days ago I purchased the training from you and now as of tonight I made the first page in my market which is York, Pennsylvania. I realize I still have a lot of work to do but WOW I am excited that in such a short time that I made the first page I am now #3 which hey not shabby and I am confident that #1 is within reach.
Bill Neff | York, Pennsylvania, Owner of Neff’s Lock, Safe & Security, Inc.
After just 1 month, I started ranking in Google and I’ve already gained 2 new clients! I would recommend Main Street ROI’s training to anybody who’s just getting started with online marketing. I’ve already made my money back from these 2 clients.
Sharlene Alviar | Kamuela, HI, Massage Therapist

BONUS #1: SEO Audit
($300 Value)

Also, during this week, you’ll receive an in-depth SEO audit, so you can see the specific areas of your website that need to be improved in order for your website to rank higher in Google. We charge $300 for SEO audits -- but you'll get this at no extra cost as part of the class.

BONUS #2: Tech Help
($300 Value)

One of the biggest sticking points that people face with SEO is getting the technical work done -- editing webpages, fixing broken links, installing sitemaps, fixing canonicalization, etc. With SEO Jumpstart, you get 3 hours of web development help included in your tuition (a $300 value). Plus, if you need extra help beyond that, you get a discounted web development rate of only $75/hour.

Session #3
Week 3. Reputation

This is an important week because your online reputation is the #1 factor for outranking your competitors for your chosen keywords. And we'll show you exactly how to boost your reputation, so you rank higher in Google.

You'll learn how to build citations and get reviews, so you rank higher in Google’s local search results. And we’ll share all of the tools and techniques we use to get citations for our clients.

Plus, we'll show you how to attract links to your website. Links are still one the most important factors in determining your Google rankings for competitive keywords, and link-building is an area of SEO that has changed a lot in recent years with Google. Some techniques that used to work just a few months ago are now ineffective and can actually get you penalized! So, we'll be showing you methods to attract links so you get ranked without putting your website at risk.

During week 3, you'll discover:
  • The top business directories you should get listed in, right away
  • 2 services we recommend that will build citations for you (for less than you think)
  • How to find where your top-ranking competitors are getting citations, so you can get them too
  • How to get tons of happy customer reviews on your Google profile
  • 5 safe and effective link-building tactics EVERY business should be using
  • And much more...
And during the Q&A, we'll answer any questions you have about building citations, getting reviews, and attracting links.

Session #4
Week 4. Revenue

In the final week, we'll teach you how to turn clicks into customers.

Rankings aren't everything. In order to get customers from SEO, you need to get ranked, then you need people to click through to your website, and then you need those same people to pick up the phone and call you, visit your store/office, or buy your products online.

In other words, the real goal of any SEO campaign should be to attract more customers. And this week, you'll discover how to get more website visitors to contact you and buy from you... and we'll show you how to track your return on investment (ROI) from SEO.

You'll discover:
  • The key SEO metrics you must be tracking
  • Top 7 factors to increase your website conversions
  • How to track your Google rankings (including Local rankings)
  • How to measure your traffic directly from SEO
  • How to calculate your ROI
  • Recommended tools for tracking your SEO metrics
  • And much more...
And at this point, you're already well on your way to ranking higher, getting more traffic, and attracting more leads and sales from Google. The final step is for you to stay ranked on top over the long-term...

BONUS #3: 1-on-1 SEO Consulting
($500 Value)

We've designed SEO Jumpstart to give you fast rankings. But we also want you to stay ranked over the long-term, so you attract new customers from Google... month after month.

During your private 1-on-1 call, you'll get personal feedback on your SEO plan, so you've got a solid strategy to stay ranked in Google over the long term.

And throughout the class, I'll provide you with 1-on-1 expert support. Whenever you have questions or want feedback on an aspect of your SEO, just send me an email and I'll reply with advice and feedback.

Is This Right For You?

In general, SEO Jumpstart is a good fit for you if:
  • You are in charge of marketing in your business
  • You already have a website
  • You provide a high-quality product or service
  • You want to be the #1 provider in your city or industry
  • You’re willing to take action, so we can help you get results
And specifically, we’ve found that there are 3 types of people who make a great fit for SEO Jumpstart:

1. Business Owners who want to learn about SEO so they can delegate effectively, or so they can manage their own SEO and save thousands on SEO fees.

2. Marketing Managers who want to develop their skills and get better results from their company’s SEO campaigns. Plus, you’ll save your company thousands of dollars in fees that you’d otherwise have to spend on SEO services.

3. Marketing Consultants who want to get a A-to-Z blueprint for how to provide quality, effective SEO services for clients. Just 1 long-term SEO client could be worth $3,000 - $12,000 or more to your business!


The investment for SEO Jumpstart is $997, and here’s a recap of everything you’re getting:
  • 4 Online SEO Video Classess (Lifetime Access to Recordings)
  • Bonus #1: Expert SEO Audit (normally $300)
  • Bonus #2: 3 hours of hands-on technical assistance (normally $300)
  • Bonus #3: Expert 1-on-1 SEO Consulting via Email & Phone (normally $500)
To reserve your spot, we require a $99 refundable deposit.

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Here’s What Happens Next

Once you place your $99 refundable deposit, our Client Operations Manager, Andrea Rozman, will contact you to schedule a brief 15-minute consultation with me, Phil Frost.

During this call, I will answer any questions you have about the class and make sure we can help you get the results you're looking for.

After we speak on the phone, if we both decide it’s a good fit and you want to move forward, we will finalize your enrollment and charge the remaining balance to your card.

But if you decide not to enroll in the class, for any reason, we will refund your $99 deposit.

There’s absolutely no risk to claim your spot right now.

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Satisfaction Guarantee / Refund Policy

First of all, your deposit is refundable. So if you aren't accepted into the class, you'll get your $99 back. And if you are accepted into the class, you’re covered by our money-back guarantee. 100% Money Back Guarantee Here’s how it works…

We'll let you attend the entire first week of class with no risk. If you aren't completely thrilled, for any reason, then let us know and we'll refund 100% of your total investment.

In other words, you can test-drive the class for the first full week, with absolutely no obligation. You'll have up to the end of the first week to claim your full refund if you're not completely satisfied for any reason.

So as you can see, there’s no risk to reserve your spot right now.

Click the button below to register now a $99 refundable deposit.

To Your Success!

Phil Frost
Founder & COO
Main Street ROI

P.S. Here are some comments and success stories from past SEO students who have followed our best practices and enjoyed success:
SEO Jumpstart helped me get my SEO strategy in place, and I started seeing higher rankings pretty quickly. For years I had been researching and incorporating keywords, but it wasn’t until I went through this training that I actually made progress. They have so much information, and they’re so good at explaining it and helping me apply the lessons. It’s the best SEO training I’ve ever taken.
Stacey Morris, Marketing Consultant
The SEO Jumpstart course was very comprehensive. The most valuable takeaway for me was the worksheet and other resources provided during each session. I’m excited to put this training into practice for my business and for my clients. Thanks!
Scott Michie | Brandon, FL, Founder & CEO, ArchiTech Software & Web Solutions, Inc.

I’ve noticed my Google rankings moving up and right now I’m at the #1 position for my most important keyword in my area. I’m now receiving phone calls from my listing, and I just started working on a case that came in directly from Google. This case has more than paid for the program!

Barney Connaughton , Attorney
I had doubts this would show me anything I didn’t already know because I had done a lot of SEO research already. But I’m so happy I decided to give it a shot. I now have a complete understanding of how to get ranked #1 and in just a few months I’ve seen great results!
AzzariChris Azzari, Marketing Consultant
Just a few weeks ago, when people were searching for a dentist in our area, our practice was nowhere to be found. I’ve followed all of the steps, and it’s already working! Previously we were on the 3rd page of Google for our keyword terms, and now we’re on the first page for most of our keywords, including dentist, dental office, and dental care.
Adriana Settenhoffer, Dentist
P.P.S. If you want to join the class, I recommend you place your $99 refundable deposit right now, while it's fresh in your mind -- and then Andrea will get your 15-minute consultation on the calendar ASAP. Click the button below to register now a $99 refundable deposit.