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Here’s what’s included…

1. Expert SEO Audit

First, we’ll review your website, looking at dozens of factors including:

  • #1. Title Tags
  • #2. Links
  • #3. Website Copy
  • #4. Website Structure
  • #5. Meta Descriptions
  • #6. Canonicalization
  • #7. Mobile Optimization
  • #8. Sitemap
  • #9. Blog
  • #10. Local & Social

2. SEO Report Card

Then, we’ll grade each aspect of your SEO with an A, B, C, or F… so you can quickly see which areas of your SEO need to be improved, and then focus your resources for maximum return on investment…

3. Competitor Analysis

In addition, we’ll review your competitors, and identify their strengths and weaknesses, so you can start out-ranking your competitors in Google…

4. Custom SEO Recommendations

Finally, you’ll get a custom 5-10 page written report with your grades, plus expert recommendations and guidelines for improvement.

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Regular Price: $300

Special Member Price:
Only $197!

Here’s what clients are saying about our SEO advice:


Mitja Mirtic
CEO of Goolets.com

Everything is done step by step easy to understand and easy to apply.
I would recommend this to every business owner that is interested in AdWords…even if you wish to outsource this, you should know what that other company will be doing with your money.
Also the support is great. One of the best thing is that when you actually SET UP your campaign, they check it out personally and tell you what you did good and where you sucked. Super useful.



Nick Robinson

Philadelphia, PA
Director of Client Services Social Media HQ

Your training taught me how to take a pay per click program all the way from research to execution. I would recommend this course to small business owners and to marketing agencies who are looking to expand their service offerings.



Cristina Zapata

Providence, RI
Marketing Director, Xzito

Very helpful and action driven. The Ad Planner is a great tool for streamlining, planning and implementing a successful Adwords campaign. I recommend this course to everyone doing PPC on Adwords — even if you’ve been doing PPC for years, you will learn something new.



Andreas Thomson
Marketing Manager

Well worth it! We saw our first sale within 2 days of launching our campaigns and profit within a week.

As for the course, it is organized in well thought-out blocks that build upon one another. They are presented clearly and without jargon. In addition to the videos, the spreadsheet provided for everything from selecting keywords to creating ads is an amazing tool.

At this point, I find creating and optimizing campaigns fun!


Jon Garner

Costa Mesa, California

Phil always has some great advice on things that I need help with… I took a valuable seminar given by him yesterday. He literally laid out all the tactics in a worksheet. Good stuff. Thanks Phil.


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