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What is the Featured Partner Program?

Our Featured Partner Program is a partnership based on reciprocal promotions.

As our partner, you will invite your audience to register for our webinars. Our webinars provide valuable, educational marketing content that will actually help attendees grow their businesses. And we’ll feature your business on our website and in our email newsletter that is sent out to tens of thousands businesses every week.

Benefits of Becoming a Featured Partner

There are three main benefits for being a Featured Partner.

1. Promote Your Business

As a Featured Partner, we will promote your business to our audience of businesses via our email newsletter which goes out to tens of thousands of subscribers. In addition, if you’d like to contribute blog articles, we can feature your thought leadership via our email newsletter and social media channels.

2. Nurture Your Audience

Plus, as a Featured Partner, you’ll gain access to training to nurture, educate, and stay top-of-mind with your prospects and customers. We’ll host and present free monthly webinars for your audience in order to keep them up to speed on digital marketing best practices.

3. Generate Additional Revenue

In addition, as a Featured Partner, you’ll be able to generate additional revenue with our Referral Partner and White Label programs.


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