Feeling “Stuck” With SEO? Let’s Jump on the Phone…

“Request Your SEO Strategy Consultation Now,
And I’ll Identify Exactly What’s Stopping You
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PLUS, I’ll Give You 3 Specific ‘Action Items
To Increase Your SEO Traffic And Revenues

If you’re feeling “stuck” with SEO, without a doubt the FASTEST way to get un-stuck is to speak with an expert. In as little as 20 minutes, an expert marketing consultant can identify your best opportunities and lay out a clear path to increase your rankings, traffic, sales and profits.

I regularly consult to private clients, and I know how valuable my marketing advice is. I’m not cheap. When I consult to private clients over the phone, my hourly rate is $375/hour.

But because you’re a new customer, and I want to help ensure that you’re successful with SEO, I’m offering you a special one-time discount on your initial strategy consultation.

Act now, and schedule a 20-minute phone consultation for only $99. (25%-off my normal rate.)

Special Offer for New Customers
“Schedule Your 20-Minute
SEO Strategy Consultation”
Regular Rate: $375/hour

Only $99


Here’s what you’ll get during our 20-minute call:

During the first 5 minutes, I’ll quickly get up to speed on your past and current SEO efforts and learn where you’re stuck, so we get right to the heart of the issue

For the next 10 minutes, I’ll conduct a “mini SEO audit,” probing for issues that are currently hurting your Google rankings and hunting for opportunities to improve your SEO

Finally, in the final 5 minutes of the call, I’ll boil my recommendations down for you into 3 specific action items, so that you are able to multiply your SEO investment into an on-going stream of free leads and customers, every month


Please note: This offer is strictly first-come, first-service and limited by my availability. Every month, I schedule up to eight (8) initial consultations at this special rate, new customers only. If you’re seeing this offer, there’s still at least 1 spot still available within the next 30 days.

Click “Add To My Order” to request your private 20-minute consultation for only $99.

Once you do, my assistant Nicole will contact you to collect some background info and get you scheduled for the next available appointment.

I look forward to speaking with you personally and helping to improve your SEO!

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