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Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Did you know… There are roughly 5.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide? (Roughly 87% of the world population!)

Did you know… 77% of users use their mobile phones to search on search engines like Google, and that 40% of mobile Google searches are for local businesses.

Did you know… 9 out of every 10 searches on a mobile phone results in an action (such as clicking on a website, calling using “click to call,” or making a purchase directly from a mobile e-commerce store.)


Did you know… Mobile traffic is expected to surpass desktop computer web traffic before 2015?

In other words…

The mobile tsunami is ALREADY here… And there isn’t much time left to prepare!

If you want to take advantage of the massive wave of mobile traffic that is growing like crazy with no signs of stopping, then you need to make your website “mobile-friendly” ASAP.

And the GOOD NEWS is that it’s super easy and affordable.

And that’s why I created this brief report… to show you how you can “fix” your website and make it mobile-friendly much faster, and for much less than you’d expect….

It’s called…

“How to Make Your
Website Mobile-Friendly
In Just 7 Easy Steps!”


When you read this 19-page report, you’ll discover:

  • The Specific Changes You MUST Make to Your Website
  • The #1 “Mobile Website”-Creator Tool We Use & Recommend (SEO)
  • How to Allow Mobile Surfers to Call You With 1 Click
  • How to Easily Add a Mobile Map to Your Website
  • And more…

And you can get it for…

Only $1!

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What Is ‘Main Street Inner Circle’?

Main Street Inner Circle is our monthly membership program where you get access to our latest, cutting-edge marketing best practices… so you’ll always know what’s working now in online marketing.

Here’s what’s included in your membership…


“The Main Street Marketing Letter”
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You’ll receive our members-only newsletter delivered to your door every month, with timely advice on a variety of marketing topics, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
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Plus, in each issue, we also feature guest expert contributors who are specialists in publicity, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), reputation management, direct mail, and other topics…

Plus… you’ll also get…

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Bonus Report #1. How to Get More Leads From Your Website
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Bonus Report #2. How to Get Tons of Happy Customer Reviews
You’ll discover our best-kept secrets for how to get tons of happy reviews on your Google+ Local page (formerly known as Google Places), so you rank higher in Google and attract more customers. You’ll discover the best time to ask for reviews, how to use incentives the RIGHT way to get more reviews faster, plus a simple tool to make the whole process “brain-dead” easy.

Bonus Report #3. How to Track Your Online Marketing ROI
You’ll learn the four key components to track and calculate your online marketing return on investment (ROI). If you’re not currently tracking your ROI from every marketing campaign, then this will be one of the most important reports you read all year.


What Our Members Are Saying…
Here’s what other business owners are saying about our online marketing strategies and advice:

“I’ve gained 2 new clients in my first month! I’d recommend this to any business owner who wants to get started online.”Sharlene Alviar
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“Previously we were on the 3rd page of Google for our keyword terms, and now we’re on the first page for most of our keywords, including dentist, dental office, and dental care.”Adriana Settenhoffer DDS.
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Neff’s Lock, Safe and Security Inc.
York, Pennsylvania
“After going through your materials, I have a ton of confidence in what I am doing. Confidence is EVERYTHING!.”Chad Stewart
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P.S.There’s no stopping this tsunami of mobile traffic…

If you don’t make your website mobile-friendly ASAP, you’re guaranteed to miss out on a flood of prospects and customers…
So don’t delay – grab your copy today, and start capitalizing on mobile traffic ASAP.

You’re getting our special report – “How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly” – for only $1 when you join Main Street Inner Circle for 30 days. If you like it, it’s $49/month, and if you don’t, just let us know before the month is up and you won’t be billed again.


Only $1!
30-Day Trial, then $49/month