“We’ll Help You Create An Effective
Online Marketing Plan for 2017!”

Hi, it’s Phil Frost from Main Street ROI.

Right now, we’re into the final months of 2015. And today, I want to help you create an effective online marketing plan… so you finish the year strong — and hit the ground running in January 2016.

You know, I’ve talked to a LOT of business owners who are frustrated with online marketing because they don’t know where to focus (or they’re focusing on the wrong activities)..

And it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there are literally hundreds of online marketing options to choose from — and the number of options is only getting bigger every day, for example:

  • Should you advertise on Facebook?
  • Should you be on Twitter?
  • Should you be using LinkedIn?
  • Should you be blogging?
  • Should you be on YouTube?
  • Should you advertise with Google AdWords?
  • Should you hire an SEO company?
  • Should you set up a retargeting ad campaign?
  • Should you be using email marketing?

The list goes on and on… And if you don’t know where to focus your marketing efforts, you’ll waste your time, energy and money… and worse, you won’t achieve your sales and marketing goals.

That’s why, if you want to be successful, you need an online marketing plan.

What Will The Right Plan
Mean for YOUR Business?

More Traffic

The first step to creating an effective online marketing plan is to identify and prioritize the best traffic sources for YOUR unique business, so you start generating high-quality targeted traffic to your website, every month…. and I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

More Customers

In addition to more traffic, you’ll start converting more website visitors into qualified leads and paying customers. No more “feast and famine” and unpredictable ups and downs, you’ll finally have a steady flow of leads and customers to your business…

More Confidence

Too many business owners are “flying blind” when it comes to their marketing – and that’s a recipe for disaster. So, a key part of a proper marketing plan is to have proper tracking systems in place – that way, you know exactly how each aspect of your marketing is performing, down to the penny… and you can confidently reinvest for maximum profits. As you achieve your sales and marketing goals, you’ll gain greater and greater confidence – and that’s when your marketing becomes unstoppable…

More Productivity

The most limited resource you have is your time. And that’s why an effective online marketing plan tells you what activities you should do “in house” and what to delegate and outsource. The key fact is, you can’t do it all yourself. As you implement your plan, you’ll also free yourself up to focus on what you do best…

We’ll Help You Do It Right…

To create a truly effective online marketing plan, you need the perfect mix of tactics and strategies…

And you might be wondering…

What are the EXACT steps and procedures to create such a plan?

Well, you could learn from years of effort and trial-and-error (like I have).


Learn the shortcuts I know, based on my 9 years of experience creating and managing hundreds of online marketing campaigns for clients in dozens of industries.

And to help you create an effective online marketing plan, I’ve put together a special offer for you…

Here’s What’s Included…

My Complete Online Marketing Plan Course ($97.00 Value)

First, you’re getting my complete course for how to create an effective online marketing plan.

This 90-minute online video training condenses down everything I’ve learned over the past 9 years. NO fluff and NO B.S. Just the raw information and proven strategies you need to create an effective online marketing plan.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover:

  • How to identify your #1 very best opportunity to increase your sales
  • Top 6 website traffic strategies
  • How to prioritize your best traffic opportunities.
  • Top 4 most effective conversion tactics
  • How to create your conversion optimization calendar
  • Top 4 tactics to maximize your average revenue per customer
  • 5 essential tools to track your marketing results

Plus, in addition to the 90-minute online video course, you’ll also get:

  • 34-page Online Marketing Action Plan (PDF Download) with additional tips and advice on creating an effective marketing plan
  • 2-page Online Marketing Plan Worksheet to organize your plan, so you can get into action right away.

This step-by-step course is a culmination of more than 9 years of research and testing on my part. This is the best guide on creating an online marketing plan out there, and the “formula” is simple and FAST to implement.

The whole point is that you’re able to take action immediately, so you start getting more traffic, leads and customers, right away.

Plus, in addition to my online marketing course, you’ll also get…

Private 60-Minute Marketing Consultation ($150 Value)

Next, you’re also getting a private 60-minute online marketing plan consultation with a Main Street ROI Digital Marketing Advisor.

  • Before your strategy session, we’ll send you a brief questionnaire to learn about your marketing challenges and opportunities, so we’ll be prepared to get the most out of our 60 minutes together.
  • During your strategy session, we’ll identify the top 3 actions you can take to get more website traffic, generate more leads, and increase your sales.

What Customers and Clients Are Saying…


Kevin Kinsella | Chicago, IL
Lead Consultant[blockquote align=”left”]You do a great job of communicating effectively, and making “hard things” simple.[/blockquote][/four_fifth_last]


steve little
Steve Little | Gilroy, California
CEO of Zero Limits, LLC
[blockquote align=”left”]Whenever I have questions about my campaigns, i talk to Phil. He has the ability to take complex marketing topics and explain them so anyone like me can understand and implement quickly.[/blockquote][/four_fifth_last]


Francis Andrew[/fusion_builder_column_inner][/fusion_builder_row_inner]
Francis Andrew | Ashland, OR
Consultant at AH&A, Inc.
[blockquote align=”left”]As a former trainer of BusinessWeek trainers, I know superb training and service when I see it. Phil Frost and Peter Kennedy at Main Street ROI provide some of the best trainings, updated info, and client-centered responsiveness that I’ve ever experienced. If you want to learn and keep up your expertise in SEO, Adwords, and local search, consider these folks your guru![/blockquote][/four_fifth_last]


Cortney Thorley | San Francisco, CA
Marketing Manager
[blockquote align=”left”]Pete and Phil have been extremely helpful. They do a great job at making themselves available adn accessible for any questions. Overall, I would highly recommend Main Street ROI to any small business owner.[/blockquote][/four_fifth_last]


Andrew Freiburghouse | Los Angeles, CA
Creator of Pronto Tax Class & Enrolled Agent (E.A.)
[blockquote align=”left”]Phil Frost knows what he’s talking about when it comes to online marketing. Even better, he understands and respects the fact that today’s small business 100 percent needs to see positive return on investment (ROI) on marketing dollars spent. If you want to see more ROI from your online marketing and be able to measure and track results, check out Main Street ROI, Phil and his team are at the top of their game![/blockquote][/four_fifth_last]


Rishi Shah | San Francisco, California
CEO of Flying Cart, LLC
[blockquote align=”left”]“Phil is one of the smartest people I’ve worked with. he helps build financial models, put pricing strategies together, better understand our market, improve our sales funnel and much much more! I’m really glad we found Phil. I’m more confident in my own business with his help.[/blockquote][/four_fifth_last]


And when you sign up today, you’ll get a special price on this package…

Here’s Everything You’re Getting…

  • Complete Online Marketing Plan Course ($97.00 Value)
  • 60-Minute 1-on-1 Marketing Consultation ($150.00 Value)

Total Value = $247.00

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To Your Success!

P.S. If you want to grow your business with online marketing, you’ll need an effective plan.

I promise that by going through my course and getting your 1-on-1 consultation, you’ll have more clarity and confidence in your marketing plan. I trust this $97 will be one of the best investments you make in your marketing all year. If not, you get your money back.

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