Congratulations ! You are now registered for the webinar. You’ll receive dial-in instructions via email within the next 10 minutes. The email will come from me, Phil Frost, and the subject line will say [Webinar] Give Me 60 Minutes – And I’ll Give You An Effective Online Marketing Plan! Confirmation.

I look forward to “seeing” you on the webinar!

P.S. In the meantime…

Since you registered for this webinar, I think you might be a good fit for my new marketing coaching program, Marketing Breakthrough.

I created Marketing Breakthrough to help you create an effective online marketing plan, and then help you execute on your marketing plan.


Here’s What’s Included…

1. Monthly 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions.

During our private 30-minute monthly strategy sessions, you and I will dive deep into your business and I’ll give you expert marketing advice. We’ll spend our first (free) strategy session mapping out your online marketing plan, and then we’ll use the future month’s calls to make sure you’re staying on track. In addition to marketing advice, I’ll provide you with accountability to ensure that you’re making progress in the right direction every month.

2. Monthly Group Coaching Sessions.

In addition, you’ll be invited to our monthly group coaching sessions. During these sessions, I’ll teach you specific online marketing tactics in detail, do live website reviews and critiques, and you’ll have time to get all of your questions answered. You’ll learn from the questions and perspectives of other business owners and marketing professionals.

3. Access to Main Street Inner Circle.

Plus, you’ll also get complimentary access to Main Street Inner Circle, which includes our members-only newsletter and monthly marketing reports, so you’ll stay up-to-date on our latest marketing best practices.


How Much?

I wanted to make Marketing Breakthrough affordable, even if you’re just getting started with online marketing, so I’m NOT charging my typical consulting rates of $1,000-3,000/month.

Instead, Marketing Breakthrough membership is ONLY $249/month.

It’s month-to-month, so you can remain a member as long as you want, with no long-term commitments.

And you can even try it for free…

FREE Strategy Session

I’m offering you a free initial 30-minute strategy session (with no obligation whatsoever), so you can sample my marketing advice in a no-pressure environment — and then decide if you’d like to enroll in Marketing Breakthrough.

Before our FREE Strategy Session, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to learn about your marketing challenges and opportunities, so we’ll both be prepared to get the most out of our 30 minutes together.

During our strategy session, I’ll identify the top 3 specific actions you can take to improve your online marketing results.

At the end of our call, if I think I can help you, I will ask you if you’re interested in enrolling. I will not try and “hard sell” you on joining the program — that’s not my style.

But please only schedule your Free Strategy Session with me if you are considering joining Marketing Breakthrough.

NOTE: Because of my busy calendar, I schedule a maximum of 10 Free Strategy Sessions per month, and they tend to fill up quickly. So don’t delay – reserve your strategy session right now.

Here’s What To Do Now

To request your Free Strategy Session with me, fill out the form below, and our Member Services Manager Andrea Rozman will contact you to get your session on the calendar ASAP.


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