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Alex Shrimpton | Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your emails. The knowledge and insight you have provided me into Marketing and especially SEO has helped me be a better advisor in my own role. So thank you for that.

Mary Stead

This information was what I needed. Sometimes I have read the information from other sources and it was so technical or wordy, that it went over my head. Your post is my kind of information. Thank you very much.

Roger Crock | Toronto, Canada

Whenever I see an email from Main Street ROI, my finger stays away from the delete key. I save and read each one. Good, relevant info.

John M. | Boston, MA

I am a software developer so I was afraid the information would be for a novice. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find some great tools and tips to get my business listing ranked higher in Google. I’m seeing great results and I would recommend this to anyone starting their journey with local SEO.

Barney Connaughton | Chula Vista, California

I’ve noticed my Google rankings moving up and right now I’m at the #1 position for my most important keyword in my area. I’m now receiving phone calls from my listing, and I just started working on a case that came in directly from Google Places!

Gurnam Bharti | Pathankot Area, India

Your articles have helped me so much to boost my confidence.

Edith Bookstein | Seattle, WA

Thank you. You countinue to be a wonderful asset!

Eng. Huda Al-Husaini | Amman, Jordan

Thanks for your email and your helpful newsletters and offers, and your efforts in spreading knowledge is highly appreciated!

Robert K. Woodford

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your articles! As a marketing professional myself, your newsletter has been a great resource.

Dragos Mindreci

I have just enrolled to your website and after receiving your first e-mail and I have seen the content and your approach, I can say that your promise is so transparent and honest and it is sustained by reliable and high qualitative content. I’m glad that I’ve run over your website! :).

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