For many businesses, digital or online marketing is just a segment of the overall marketing strategy.  For example, you may also be using direct mail, TV, radio, print advertising, telemarketing, conferences, networking events, strategic partnerships, or some other “offline” marketing tactic.

Now, you may be thinking that as a founder of an online marketing agency I’m going to recommend shifting your 2015 budget from offline to online marketing.  I’m not! In fact, that can be a huge mistake if your other campaigns are profitable.

No, I do not recommend putting all your eggs in the online marketing basket.  Diversity in marketing is the path to a more sustainable, healthy business. What I do recommend is that you leverage your offline marketing campaigns to improve your online marketing.

This is a topic that in my experience is neglected.  If you’re using offline marketing tactics, then go through the questions below to see how you can improve your online marketing next year.



Can You Replicate What’s Working Offline?

This is often a big “ah ha!” moment when I’m talking with clients about opportunities to improve marketing return on investment (ROI).    I remember earlier this year I spoke to a business owner that built his business almost exclusively via direct mail.  He would buy and rent prospect mailing lists, send direct mail pieces, and like clockwork, he’d generate sales.

Now keep in mind that he called me for help with his online advertising in Google AdWords.  Within just a few minutes I explained that his biggest opportunity was to replicate what was working for him offline.  If he could generate sales via direct mail, then there is a high likelihood that he can buy and rent email lists, send email campaigns, and generate sales.

See how that is a much more straight forward path to marketing ROI?  Sure, in his case I also recommended advertising in AdWords, but the low hanging fruit was to test email using something that was already working offline with direct mail.  Why switch gears and test something completely new when you can re-purpose something that’s already working?

The same is true with print advertising.  If you have a print ad that’s working well, then see how you can convert that into a banner ad online.  Or how about TV and radio?  Can you edit that same ad into a YouTube pre-roll ad and target a similar audience online?


What’s Working Face-to-Face or On Sales Calls?

In a meeting with a client last month, we talked about their sales messages and how the responses varied dramatically at a recent networking event.  You’ve probably experienced this as well, if you’ve ever switched up your intro at an event.

At this particular networking event, our client tried a new approach when introducing himself.  Rather than leading with the same (admittedly boring and vague) answer to “what do you do?”, he responded by focusing on just a small (but more sexy) subset of his services.

The result?  Instead of the typical glazed over eyes he was used to staring at, he now had an engaged audience whose ears had perked up.  In other words, he struck a chord with his prospect.

When this happens either face-to-face or on sales calls, then make a note of it, and later see if you can apply the lesson to the copy on your website and in your online advertising and email marketing campaigns.  If you’re getting glazed over eyes at networking events, then what do you think is happening when prospects are reading that same message on your website or via email?  Their response is probably much worse since you’re not in front of them! :)


Want More Help Improving Your Online Marketing in 2015?

If you were just nodding in agreement to the advice in this article, but at the same time shaking your head wondering when you will ever find the time to work on your marketing, then we should talk.  We can manage some or all of your online marketing, so you can focus on all the other important areas of your business.

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