Local SEO Checklist LP#2 – Sept 2015

/Local SEO Checklist LP#2 – Sept 2015
Local SEO Checklist LP#2 – Sept 2015

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What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization — or “Local SEO” — is the process of getting your website ranking in Google’s local search results.

6 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO

Here are 6 reasons why local SEO represents a powerful marketing opportunity for local businesses…

1. Local Search is Booming

More and more consumers are using search engines to find local businesses on their computers and mobile phones. Here are the stats, according to Google:

  • 20% of search queries are for local businesses
  • 40% of mobile searches are for local businesses
  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

When you follow my best practices, you’ll get your business in front of more prospects than ever before…

2. Huge Exposure

Google is giving local businesses top placement in the search results. For many searches, Google shows local “map” results ABOVE the ads and non-local search results. This means you can get huge exposure for your business in your local area when you follow my Local SEO best practices.

3. It’s a Level Playing Field

By showcasing local business listings so prominently, Google has really leveled the playing field for local businesses. For example, instead of competing with MetLife.com, a local life insurance agent competes with the other agents in her neighborhood.

4. Weak Competition

I’ve been teaching Local SEO best practices for 4 years now, and even today, the vast majority of businesses are NOT following Local SEO best practices. Competition in the local search results is still pretty weak, compared to the regular non-local search results. And this is a great opportunity for you…

5. FAST Rankings

Because competition is weak, you can get really fast rankings with local SEO. compared with the regular organic listings. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses gain top rankings, often in as little as 30 days. (And at the bottom of this page, I’ve included some comments from a handful of our customers and clients.)

And of course…

6. FREE Traffic

Best of all, when you’re ranking at the top of Google, you get free traffic and free customers. SEO is truly one of the best investments you can make in your business.

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Is This for You?

This free checklist will be extremely valuable for you if:

  • You’re a local business owner: This checklist simplifies the key steps you must take to start ranking in Google’s local search results
  • You’re a marketing consultant: Use my checklist to make sure you’re following all of the latest best practices

Here’s What This Checklist Will Do For You

You’re getting 79 expert tips to get ranked in Google’s local results, including:

  • How to identify the best keywords for your Local SEO campaign
  • How to optimize your Google My Business profile
  • 21 ways to optimize your website for Local SEO
  • 6 tips for building “citations” for your local business
  • 7 ways to build links (without risking a Google penalty)
  • 5 ways to get more happy customer reviews
  • How to track your return on investment (ROI)
  • And much more…

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“Why Am I Giving This Away?”

You may be wondering… “If this information is so valuable, why am I giving it away for free?”

Here’s why: I know that if I can just get this information into your hands, you’ll get results. You’ll set up your Local SEO the RIGHT way, so you attract more customers and generate more profits. And that’s why I want to make it a total no-brainer for you to get started today!

And then, send me a success story like one of these…


Barney Connaughton | Chula Vista, California
Family Law and Divorce Mediation Office of Barney Connaughton[blockquote align=”left”]I’ve noticed my Google rankings moving up and right now I’m at the #1 position for my most important keyword in my area. I’m now receiving phone calls from my listing, and I just started working on a case that came in directly from Google+ Local. This case has more than paid for the program![/blockquote][/three_fourth_last]


Adriana Settenhoffer DDS | Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Fair Lawn Dental Care
[blockquote align=”left”]Just a few weeks ago, when people were searching for a dentist in our area, our practice was nowhere to be found. I’ve followed all of the steps, and it’s already working! Previously we were on the 3rd page of Google for our keyword terms, and now we’re on the first page for most of our keywords, including dentist, dental office, and dental care. [/blockquote][/three_fourth_last]


Chris Azzari
Founder of Cornerstone SEO
[blockquote align=”left”]“I had doubts Main Street ROI’s local SEO training would show me anything I didn’t already know because I had done a lot of local SEO research already. But I’m so happy I decided to give it a shot. I now have a complete understanding of how to get my Google+ Local pages ranked #1 and in just a few months I’ve seen great results!”[/blockquote][/three_fourth_last]


Bill Neff | York, Pennsylvania
Owner of Neff’s Lock, Safe & Security, Inc.
[blockquote align=”left”]It was only 4 days ago I purchased the training from you and now as of tonight I made the first page in my market which is York, Pennsylvania. I realize I still have a lot of work to do but WOW I am excited that in such a short time that I made the first page I am now #3 which hey not shabby and I am confident that #1 is within reach.[/blockquote][/three_fourth_last]


Sharlene Alviar | Kamuela, HI
Massage Therapist
[blockquote align=”left”]After just 1 month, I started ranking in Google and I’ve already gained 2 new clients! I would recommend Main Street ROI’s training to anybody who’s just getting started with online marketing. I’ve already made my money back from these 2 clients.[/blockquote][/three_fourth_last]

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