Local SEO Checklist LP – Sept 2015

/Local SEO Checklist LP – Sept 2015
Local SEO Checklist LP – Sept 2015

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“The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist”

This free checklist will be extremely valuable for you if:

  • You’re a local business owner: This checklist simplifies the key steps you must take to start ranking in Google’s local search results
  • You’re a marketing consultant: Use my checklist to make sure you’re following all of the latest best practices


Here’s What This Checklist Will Do For You

You’re getting 79 expert tips to get ranked in Google’s local results, including:

  1. You’ll learn how to identify the BEST keywords to advertise on, so you get more qualified leads and new customers (and avoid wasting money on “tire kickers”)
  2. How to identify the best keywords for your Local SEO campaign
  3. How to optimize your Google+ Local profile
  4. 21 ways to optimize your website for Local SEO
  5. 6 tips for building “citations” for your local business
  6. 7 ways to build links in 2015
  7. 5 ways to get more happy customer reviews
  8. How to track your return on investment (ROI)
  9. And much more…


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