Every month, we feature a member of our team here at Main Street ROI. This month, we’re featuring our Digital Advertising Analyst, Lisa Green.

Lisa Green

How did you get into digital advertising?

After I graduated college, I was working for a media research company, but my particular position didn’t have much room for growth and I wasn’t learning any transferable skills. I eventually started looking for new opportunities and SEM kept popping up on my radar.  I applied to any agency that I thought might take on an entry level employee and was luckily hired by one of the best in NYC.  That was several years ago and I’ve been in the business ever since.


What do you like most about working with small business clients?

Larger businesses often seem to have arbitrary KPIs and even more arbitrary budgets. Small businesses tend to have clearer goals and are always aware of how their marketing dollars are being spent.  As a person who is extremely careful with money, I respect and appreciate where our clients are coming from.  I understand the challenges of trying to grow your business while also having to watch your checkbook to make sure every cent you spend counts.  I don’t like wasting my own money and I don’t like wasting my clients’ money either.


What do you like most about working at Main Street ROI?

I love Main Street’s straightforward approach to digital marketing.  We are truthful with our clients and don’t hide behind fancy PowerPoint presentations or cumbersome spreadsheets.  It’s also great to feel like what I’m doing has a direct impact on people’s livelihoods.


What do you like to do outside of the office?

I’m a big music fan and spent a lot of time playing in bands when I lived in Brooklyn.  I started writing my own songs when I was in high school and love having them brought to life by other musicians.  


Lisa Green

More recently, I’ve turned much of my attention to interior decorating.  My fiancé and I recently bought our first house in northern New Jersey and we’ve been working on it ever since.  My weekends now consist of obsessively watching HGTV and flipping through Pottery Barn catalogs, but I love it :)


What advertising trend are you most excited about for small businesses (and why)?

This isn’t specific to small businesses, but I’m excited about a lot of the new advertising opportunities related to retargeting.  For AdWords, in particular, I think Customer Match will be the next big thing because it allows advertisers to marry their CRM data with their current SEM strategies.  This will create a whole new way to target and upsell products and services.