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Free webinar | April 21st, 12PM EST

Lead Tracking, Attribution,
and Reporting for 2022

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

-John Wanamaker, circa 1922

Even though it’s over 100 years old to date, this quote rings true for most businesses but it doesn’t have to be that way. Digital marketing is more trackable than ever so businesses now have options to get insights into what works. If you can’t easily see the business impact of your marketing efforts, this webinar is for you!

When you attend this webinar, you’ll discover: 

How to track what activities makes
the phone ring

How to track marketing leads to
sales revenue

How to identify which marketing channels
drive the bottom line

And much more… 

Adriel Michaud

VP of Marketing and Sales


Heather Frederick

Marketing Coordinator


About Adriel Michaud

With 15+ years experience in digital marketing, Adriel is particularly adept at the numbers: SEO, PPC, web analytics and digital marketing strategies. He is passionate about connecting marketing with sales and making marketing better. In his off time, Adriel loves producing YouTube videos, writing blogs and recording podcasts.

Lead Tracking, Attribution, and Reporting for 2022

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What People Are Saying:

"Their presentations are very informative, but not totally overbearing with information. They do a good job of explaining things so it's easy for anyone to understand."

Chelsea Burns

"Just attended one of this recent webinars and it was very informative, current, and professional. I applied some of the tips he gave to my website and saw improvements very quickly. Highly recommend!"

Jessica Schildgen

"Listened in on a webinar yesterday which was probably one of the only SEO/PPC webinars I've listened to that had actionable advice."

Jacy Johnson

"Great webinar, Very informative. A wealth of information and time well spent."

Eugene Foland

"The webinar offered real information that I could act on immediately on my own."

Leigh Spencer

"Great content. Thanks for sharing the wisdom in simple to understand language!"

Matt Starnes

FREE WEBINAR | April 21st, 12PM EST

Lead Tracking, Attribution,
and Reporting for 2022

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