Lead GenerationToday, I want to share an advertising strategy that will probably seem risky, inefficient, or even counterproductive to you. But if you follow my advice, you may uncover an opportunity to double your sales.

OK, let’s get started…

2 Types of Prospects

The first thing you need to know is that you have 2 basic groups of prospects. This is always true, no matter what products or services you’re advertising,

A. Shoppers

These people are actively searching for companies like yours.

For example, a person who is looking for a massage therapist in San Francisco might go to Google and search “massage San Francisco.” He or she is ready to buy, and is just trying to decide whom to do business with.

If you’re advertising to shoppers, you should present your case for why they should do business with you versus your competitors.

B. Researchers

These people are not yet ready to buy. They just know that they have a problem and they are researching potential solutions.

For example, this type of prospect might be experiencing back pain and is researching solutions. He or she might go to Google and type “natural back pain relief” – and then start learning about the benefits of massage or chiropractic or physical therapy, and so on.

If you’re advertising to researchers, I wouldn’t recommend launching into a pitch about your company. They’re not ready for that.

Instead, you should provide them with information that answers their questions, such as a free report in exchange for your prospect’s contact information. This type of advertising is known as lead generation advertising.

Which Group Should You Advertise To?

My short answer is both. You should set up 2 separate AdWords campaigns, one targeting Shoppers and one targeting Researchers. These 2 campaigns will have totally separate keywords, ads, and landing pages.

But if you’re just getting started with advertising, I recommend targeting Shoppers because it’s simpler. Then, once you have those ads working for you, start testing lead generation ads to target the Researchers.

3 Benefits of Lead Generation Advertising

Here’s why I believe every business should be running lead generation ads…

1. You’ll Generate More Leads

There are always more researchers than shoppers, so you’re targeting a bigger universe of potential prospects. Also, lead generation ads typically get a much higher response rate compared with ads that directly promote a product or service.

2. Expert Positioning

Assuming you provide useful information in your free report, your prospects will see you as a credible authority. This positioning will further increase your response rates because people like doing business with experts.

3. Ability to Follow Up

Finally, by offering your free report in exchange for your prospects’ contact information, you’ll have the ability to follow up. And this further increases your ability to make the sale.

Here’s What to Do Now

The first step to get started with lead generation advertising is to identify the keywords your prospects are searching when they’re in research mode.  Use the Google Keyword tool to identify these keywords. Then, make a list of the questions you’ll want to answer in your free report.