Facebook Ads Services for Appliance Repair Companies

Although Facebook Ads allow you to target potential customers with pinpoint accuracy, not all digital marketing agencies are familiar with how to craft a campaign to meet the unique needs of appliance repair companies. It takes skill and experience to make a compelling offer and make sure it reaches the right audience.

Main Street ROI specializes in Facebook Ads services for appliance repair company owners, marketing managers, consultants and agencies. We offer both monthly Facebook Ads maintenance and a Facebook Ads Jumpstart, a one-time Facebook Ads project tailored to your specific goals. Our Facebook Ads services ensure that you’re spending wisely and attracting as many new customers as possible through your ads.

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4 Reasons Why Appliance Repair Companies Should Invest in Facebook Ads

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Responsiveness is one of our key values, so our team is always available to answer your questions or concerns, whether via email or phone.


You don’t get a black box with Main Street ROI; you get an open book. Unlike some of our competitors, we are open and transparent with our clients, sending detailed monthly reports on our work and the results we achieve.

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Over 30,000 small business owners and marketing consultants subscribe to the Main Street ROI newsletter for digital marketing advice, and hundreds attend our popular monthly webinars.

Proven Process

Our proven approach to appliance repair Facebook Ads starts with a thorough audit of your website and any current marketing campaigns, followed by the identification of your ideal customers and the use of Facebook’s targeting capabilities to help you reach them.

Who We Work With

We Offer Monthly Ad Management & One-Time Projects for Appliance Repair Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should appliance repair companies invest in Facebook Ads?

Facebook’s options for targeting potential customers surpass those offered by any other social media or advertising platform. Rather than spending months or even years establishing an organic following, this laser-targeting gets you the results you want almost instantly.

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2. Who owns the Facebook Ads accounts?

You, the client, own your Facebook Ads account.

3. Does Main Street ROI earn any commission or markup from Facebook Ads advertising?

That’s not how we do business. Our earnings come from our management fees; you pay Facebook directly for your ads. Facebook never provides us a commission or markup.

4. How much does Facebook Ads management cost?

Monthly Facebook Ads management services for appliance repair companies start at $500 per month, with the price increasing as the number, size, and complexity of your ad campaigns grows.

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5. Is there a minimum budget?

We don’t have a minimum budget requirement for the appliance repair companies we work with, however we do recommend that you spend at least $1000 per month on Facebook advertising—$500 for our management fee and $500 for your ad spend.

We recommend starting with our one-time Facebook Ads Jumpstart if you have a limited budget.

6. Do you require long-term commitments?

We don’t make money by locking you into a long-term contract. Rather, we win your trust by delivering results. Our monthly Facebook Ads management services require only a 30-day written notice to cancel, and our Facebook Ads Jumpstart requires no ongoing commitment.

7. Who will I be working with?

A dedicated ad consultant with experience in Facebook Ads for appliance repair services will be your main point of contact. This consultant will be in charge of your account’s research, planning, and performance. Phil Frost, our founder, oversees all Facebook Ads projects for quality assurance and is available to speak with you about your account at any time. 

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