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“How to Grow Your Marketing List and Engage
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Mike La RotondaMike La Rotonda

  1. Webinar Host

Kate Lombardo
Kate Lombardo
Content Marketing
Main Street ROI

    1. Meet the Presenter


Lorraine BallDave Kerpen

  1. Webinar Host

Kate Lombardo
Kate Lombardo
Content Marketing Manager
Main Street ROI


Join us for this free webinar with Heyo about how to grow your marketing list and engage your audience with contests and sweepstakes!

Social media contests and sweepstakes are a great way to grow your email marketing lists and social followers while engaging and activating the followers you already have. They’re easy to launch and with the right call-to-action, are a super easy way to get your audience to participate in your brand’s conversation.

That’s why we’ve invited Heyo to present this webinar – to help you plan your next social media contest or sweepstakes!


You’ll learn:

  • How contests and sweepstakes benefit both your brand and your consumer
  • Which kinds of promotions are best for different campaign objectives (ex: drive leads or curate content)
  • How to launch a new social media campaign
  • Best practices for promoting your contest or sweepstakes
  • Case studies & examples of successful sweepstakes & contests

Plus, Mike will stay on the line to answer all of your questions.


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