Step-By-Step Video Training:
“Introduction to Google Analytics”


Hi, it’s Phil Frost from Main Street ROI.

You know the saying: “You can only improve what you measure.” This is true with everything, and proper measurement is often the difference between success and failure when it comes to marketing.

How many of these questions can you answer with total clarity and confidence?

  • How much website traffic are you getting? (And is it growing or shrinking?)
  • Where is your website traffic coming from? (And are the different sources growing or shrinking?)
  • What are people doing on your website? (Where are they clicking - and are they doing what you want them to do?)
  • Where is your “sales funnel” breaking down? (What are the biggest “holes in your bucket” that you need to plug?)
If you can answer these questions, then you hold the keys to online marketing success. But if you can’t answer these questions, you’re flying blind. (And unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners cannot answer these questions…) Well, the good news is that answering these questions is actually pretty easy, thanks to Google Analytics. And during this recorded video training, I’ll quickly bring you up to speed... Here’s what we’ll be covering together:

1. How to Setup Google Analytics

  • Screen-by-screen demonstration of how to set up your account
  • What type of Google Analytics account you should be using
  • How to add the code to your website
  • How to setup Goals
  • How to set up e-commerce analytics (this is critical if you sell products on your website)
  • How to link up Google Analytics with Webmaster Tools
  • How to link up Google Analytics with Google AdWords

2. How to Report on Your Key Metrics

  • How to analyze traffic trends over time
  • How to identify your top traffic sources
  • How to find where your leads and sales are coming from
  • How to measure your SEO results
  • How to find where visitors are leaving your website
  • How to interpret “bounce” rates

The training session runs for 75 minutes, plus a recorded Q&A session.

3. Take Action Checklist

I’ll summarize the next steps in a simple checklist for you, so it’ll be crystal clear what to do next.

The training session runs for 90 minutes, plus Q&A.

Cost is $97, which buys you access to the online video training so you can review it at your convenience. There is no sales pitch. Just 90-minutes of step-by-step Google Analytics training to help you manage your marketing with greater clarity.

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To Your Success!

P.S. Tracking is critical to your marketing success, and Google Analytics is an invaluable tool.

I promise that by going through this training, you’ll gain a newfound clarity and confidence in your online marketing. And I trust this $97 will be one of the best investments you make in your marketing all year. If not, you get your money back.

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Excellent training! Covered basics quickly, and then went wide and deep on topics. Very responsive to audience questions. Great value for the time invested.
Susan Seals
Very informative training. Highly recommended!
Kathy Walsh | Philadelphia, PA
This session was excellent. I am very happy I have joined this informative session. Phil’s integrity showed right through the session. Thank you so much.
Shannon Choi
The training was focused and to the point. Well done!
Mike Shirley | United Kingdom
No hype, to the point, and practical!
Stephanie Boyard
The entire experience was first-class. The content was presented in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner. The speaker was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.
L.K. | Fort Myers, FL
Very thorough and practical training. You know it’s great training when it gets you excited and inspires you to go put the knowledge to practice right away.
Drew Hudgins | Cadiz, Kentucky
Best money I’ve spent on training. You nailed what I needed. I would recommend it, definitely. Feel free to publish my comments.
Jorge Diaz | Managing Director

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