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Thursday, November 16, 2023 | 12:00PM - 2:00PM EST

How to Create a Profitable Google Ads Campaign

Hi, it’s Riley McLaughlin from Main Street ROI, and I’m inviting you to attend our upcoming LIVE training about Google Ads.

During this training, I’ll show you exactly how to create a profitable Google Ads campaign from scratch, so you attract a steady flow of new customers to your business every month.

You'll "watch over my shoulder" as I build a new campaign in real time... and I'll show you how to use ChatGPT to speed up parts of the Google Ads campaign creation build-out process!

Scroll down to get the details and then click the “Register Now” button to sign up.

ONLY $97

Why Google Ads?

Here are 6 reasons why we believe Google Ads is THE best place to advertise your business (no matter what industry you’re in…)

Reason #1

Quality Traffic

Reach Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy NOW!

With Google Ads, you’re getting in front of prospects who are ready to buy right now…. all you have to do is give them what they’re asking for!

And when you advertise on the RIGHT keywords (which I call “bullseye keywords”), you’ll get in front of prospects who are ready to buy from you right now… so you stop wasting your time and money chasing “tire kickers.”

Reason #2

Steady Traffic

Get New Customers, Every Month

My favorite thing about Google Ads is the predictability… With Google Ads, it’s like you’re in front of a river of new prospects every month…

And when you get a campaign set up properly, you’ll get a steady flow of new prospects and customers every month!

Reason #3

Immediate Results

Get New Customers in Hours!

With Google Ads, you can set up a campaign and start getting clicks within hours, or even minutes… and we’ve set up several new campaigns for clients who started receiving their first customers that same day!

So, if you want to attract customers right away, you should advertise on Google…

Reason #4

Powerful Tracking

to Maximize Your Return on Investment (ROI)

If you’re a small business owner looking for maximum results from your marketing and advertising dollars, Google Ads gets my #1 recommendation…

With Google Ads, you can see exactly which keywords are driving clicks and sales (and which keywords are NOT working) and then optimize your campaign to maximize your profits!

Reason #5

Low Risk

You Can Get Started on a Small Budget!

You only pay when prospects click on your ads, and you don't need a huge budget to get started.  We typically recommend an ad budget of at least $1,000 per month to start. For these reasons, Google Ads is one of the lowest-risk advertising options available…

Reason #6


Google Ads Can Build Million Dollar Businesses

Last but not least, there is a HUGE amount of traffic available on Google!

So, if you’re looking to dramatically grow your business, and generate hundreds or even thousands of new customers every month, Google Ads is a great place to focus…

ONLY $97

Why Listen to Us?

In addition to teaching Google Ads best practices, we manage Google Ads advertising accounts for clients. We’ve managed more than $10,000,000 in Google Ads for our clients…

And our team has created and managed profitable campaigns in DOZENS of industries, including:


Marketing Services


Alarm Systems

Moving Companies

Auto Repair

Water Coolers

Dating Advice

Massage Therapy

Lead Generation

Outsourcing Services

Diaper Service


Carpet Cleaning

Camping Supplies

Affiliate Marketing

Security Services


Car Wax

Wine & Beer

Information Products


Consulting Services


Industrial Products

Asphalt Paving

Discover How to Actually Profit with Google Ads

Based on our experience creating hundreds of campaigns and managing more than $10 million in Google Ads, we’ve developed a step-by-step formula for creating profitable Google Ads campaigns…

Plus, in 2023, we've updated our process to use ChatGPT to speed up certain parts of the process... 

And I’ll be walking you through ALL of the steps in real time during the LIVE training….

When you attend this Live Training, you’ll discover:

Questions You Must Answer Before You Create Your Campaign

How To Pick “Bullseye” Keywords That Attract Customers (Not Tire-Kickers)

How To Write Ads That Get More Clicks (and Cheaper Clicks) Than Your Competitors

Top Costly Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

What All Profitable Ads Campaigns Have in Common

How to Create Landing Pages That SELL (8 Critical Ingredients)

How To Track OFFLINE Sales Using Google Ads

How Much Should You Spend? Bidding & Budget Guidelines

Complete Google Ads Campaign Settings Checklist

New Google Ads Tools & Features You Should Be Using

Example ChatGPT Prompts to Speed Up the Campaign Build-Out Process

Is This for You?

If you’re totally new to Google Ads… we’ll quickly bring you up to speed. We don’t assume any prior Google Ads knowledge in this training. And by the end of this online training, you’ll know more about how this stuff works than most so-called Google Ads experts.

If you want to do it yourself… You’ll get everything you need to know to properly set up your Google Ads campaign in-house. And we’ve trained hundreds of small business owners to set up their own Google Ads campaigns. (You can see some of their comments below).

If you’re thinking of hiring a Google Ads / PPC Management company… You’ll learn how Google Ads really works, and you’ll be able to call “BS” when you hear it. As a result, you’ll avoid hiring the wrong company.

And if you already hired a Google Ads / PPC Management company… You’ll find out whether your company is doing a good job for you, or not.

If you provide online marketing services… We’ll bring you up to speed on the latest Google Ads best practices, so you stay up-to-date and provide higher-quality services to your clients..

Live Q&A

And then, We’ll answer any questions you have during the Live Q&A.

Note: this training is limited to 100 attendees so I’ll have time to answer all of your questions.

ONLY $97

The investment for the training is $97, which gets you access to the recording, the ChatGPT buildout prompts, and the slides so you can review it at your convenience. There is no sales pitch. Just step-by-step training to help you profit with Google Ads.

Click the button below to reserve your spot:

What People Are Saying

Read what other people have said about our Google Ads training:

The Google Ads course is great! It was very helpful and action driven. 

I recommend this course to everyone doing PPC on Google — even if you’ve been doing PPC for years, you will learn something new.

Cristina Zapata

Marketing Director, Xzito

Main Street ROI has been extremely helpful. I struggled for months to set up an effective Google Ads campaign. Their Google Ads course breaks it down into simple steps that really teaches you the fundamentals to building out simple or complex campaigns. 

They also do a great job at making themselves available and accessible for any questions. Overall I would highly recommend Main Street ROI to any small business owner or junior marketer.

Cortney Thorley

Marketing Manager

Main Street ROI's Google Ads course taught me how to take a pay per click program all the way from research to execution. I would recommend this course to small business owners and to marketing agencies who are looking to expand their service offerings.

Nick Robinson

Director of Client Services Social Media HQ

Prior to taking the course, I took a stab at Google Ads on my own. To say the results were disappointing is putting it mildly. I originally reached out to Main Street ROI to see if they could recommend a PPC management company. They made a good argument that a) I could probably do it myself; and b) even if I did eventually hire someone I should know what I’m doing. So I took the course. Well worth it! We saw our first sale within 2 days of launching our campaigns and profit within a week.

As for the course, it is organized in well thought-out blocks that build upon one another. They are presented clearly and without jargon. In addition to the videos, the spreadsheet provided for everything from selecting keywords to creating ads is an amazing tool.

At this point, I find creating and optimizing campaigns fun!

Andreas Thomson

Marketing Manager

Before I went through your training, I tried 2 things. First we outsourced our PPC campaign to other company. All they did was waste around $5,000 of our money with almost zero results. Then I gave the task to a “marketing expert “inside of our company to do this job and it was also very poor. After that I decided to learn all about Google Ads on my own and purchased this training.

At first I was not sure exactly what to expect, however all the parts in the training are explained very very well. Everything is done step by step easy to understand and easy to apply.

This training does not only teach you about technical parts of PPC campaigns and Google Ads, but you can also find lots of very interesting marketing tricks inside which can also help other aspects of your business.

I would recommend this to every business owner that is interested in Google Ads…even if you wish to outsource this, you should know what that other company will be doing with your money.

Also the support is great. One of the best thing is that when you actually SET UP your campaign, they check it out personally and tell you what you did good and where you sucked. Super useful.

Mitja Mirtic

CEO of

ONLY $97

You’re Covered by Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply contact our friendly customer support any time within the next 365 days and you will be promptly given a full refund.

To your success,

Riley McLaughlin
Main Street ROI

P.S. If you want to attract a steady stream of new customers every month, I strongly recommend you attend this training. We’ll show you how to create a Google Ads campaign from scratch, so you start attracting new customers. 

I trust this $97 will be one of the best investments you make in your marketing all year.

ONLY $97


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