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Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?

Well, I guess if you hate food, friends, family, and football, then it’s probably not one of your top holidays…  But those 4 F’s – food, friends, family, and football – pretty much sum up all things I love in life so I’m always excited for the fourth Thursday in November.

Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the “Holiday Season” when lights are strung on lamp posts and trees, and jingle bells can be heard in every mall.  I can’t help but smile like a giddy school boy this time of the year.  Plus, a new year is right around the corner!

And finally, Thanksgiving is also the time for giving thanks.  Well actually, it’s primarily the time for giving thanks and everything else above has very little to do with this holiday :)

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to take this time to thank our wonderful customers!  And you should too.

To help you get started, here are a handful of reasons I think you should thank your customers:

  • For trusting you to provide great products or services – It’s easy to forget when looking at aggregate monthly numbers, but every single customer took a leap of faith when they made their first purchase with you.  Make sure you don’t give the impression you take that action for granted.
  • For providing honest feedback about how you can improve – Without real, honest feedback (both positive and negative) it’s impossible to grow and improve your business.
  • For providing market research so you can identify your ideal customer demographics.  Your own customers are one of the best sources of market research you can find.  By analyzing which customers provide the most profit, you can figure out how to attract even more similar prospects.
  • For referring more customers – There is no easier sale than a referral so make sure you always show thanks and appreciation for every customer who refers you business.
  • For building an asset (aka your business) – Let’s face it, you simply would not have a business without your customers.  Your biggest asset is NOT your employees (despite what you tell them),  or your machinery, or your intellectual property.  It’s your customers.

I’m sure you can think of several more reasons, but I want to get to the fun part.  When I said I want to give thanks I didn’t mean just type out the words in this blog and call it a day…

No, I think we can do much better than that.  To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we’re breaking it up into it’s two core parts: thanks and giving.  Here’s what we’re doing…


To show how much we love and appreciate our customers, clients, newsletter subscribers, and fans we’re giving a limited-time special discount on ALL 3 of our popular online marketing guides.  Click here to learn more and select one of the 4 options.


As you may know, our business is headquartered in New York City, which was hit hard recently by Hurricane Sandy. And so, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ll be giving 100% of the revenue from this sale to the American Red Cross in order to aid the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Even if you don’t take us up on this special offer, please “Like” this page and “Share” it with your friends and family to help us raise more money! Thanks again, and I wish you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving week!