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Email Marketing 101:
How to Grow Your List,
Keep Your List Engaged &
Actually Generate Sales!”

  1. Meet the Presenter

Phil Frost
Founder & COO
Main Street ROI

  1. Meet the Presenter

Phil Frost
Founder & COO
Main Street ROI

This FREE webinar will be extremely valuable to you if:

  • You’re just getting started with email marketing.
  • You’re already using email marketing, but you want to improve your results


Here’s What This Free Webinar Will Do For You:

  1. You’ll learn how to grow your email list… including 3 simple methods you can use right away, even if you’re just starting out
  2. You’ll learn how to keep your list engaged… by using subject lines that pique curiosity… and sending emails that your prospects and customers will actually look forward to opening
  3. You’ll learn how to generate revenue from your email marketing… including examples of some of our most successful email promotions that you can copy and use in your business
  4. And you’ll learn about the simple 1:1 Rule that you must follow (if you want your email marketing to be effective over the long run)

Actually, there’s lots more in this webinar and it’s 100% free.

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Phil Frost
Founder & COO
Main Street ROI

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Phil Frost is the co-founder of Main Street ROI, a company that helps businesses improve their online marketing results. Since 2010, Main Street ROI has helped more than 500 small businesses create profitable online marketing campaigns. Main Street ROI’s marketing and business advice has been featured in: