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“How To Create Facebook Ads That Actually Generate Leads & Sales!”

Thursday, March 18, 2021: 12:00 PM — 1:30 PM EST

Hi, it’s Phil Frost from Main Street ROI, and I’m inviting you to attend our upcoming LIVE training about Facebook Ads.

During this training, I’ll show you exactly how to create Facebook Ads that don’t just get “Likes”… but actually generate leads and customers for your business!

Plus, if you’re one of the first 10 people to sign up, you’ll receive a Facebook Ads Campaign Audit ($300 value) at no extra cost!

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Why Facebook Ads?

Here are 5 reasons why I believe every business should be using Facebook Ads (no matter what industry you’re in…)

Reason #1. Everybody Is On Facebook!

OK, maybe not “everybody” is on Facebook… but as of 2021, Facebook as more than 2.8 BILLION monthly active users.

And every age group, income level, education level, and location is well-represented…

Just check out these statistics:

If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get your message in front of your target customers.

Reason #2. It Works For ANY Type of Business (Even “B2B”)

The number 1 question I get about Facebook Ads is “Will it work for my type of business?”

For example, a lot of people ask me, “I sell to businesses, not consumers. Does Facebook work for ‘B2B’ businesses?”

The answer is YES!

As I just showed you, almost everybody is on Facebook. Plus, Facebook offers a ton of different targeting options (which you’ll learn all about during the training).

So, even if you sell to businesses, you can reach your target prospects with Facebook Ads, because the decision makers in those businesses are on Facebook.

No matter what business you’re in, you can (and should) be using Facebook Ads to get in front of your ideal prospects.

Reason #3. Facebook Ads Are Cheaper Than Ads Clicks

While I still love Google Ads, Facebook offers several advantages, including better targeting options… and cheaper clicks!

We’ve tested Facebook Ads compared to Google Ads in many different verticals, and we often find that Facebook Ads clicks are at least 50% lower than Ads clicks.

So, if you’ve been struggling to make Google Ads work for your business because of the high cost per click (CPC), then you should definitely give Facebook Ads a try.

(Warning: if you try running Ads-style ads on Facebook, your ads are almost guaranteed to FAIL. Facebook is a totally different animal, requiring a very different approach.)

Reason #4. Low Risk: You Can Get Started on a Tiny Budget!

There’s no minimum budget with Facebook Ads…

You can get started with as little as $10, $20 or $100 and see what results you get before investing more.

So your business is never too small to get started with Facebook Ads.

Reason #5. It’s Scalable: Facebook Ads Can Build Million Dollar Businesses

Last but not least, there is a HUGE amount of traffic available on Facebook!

So, if you’re looking to dramatically grow your business, and generate hundreds or even thousands of new leads and customers every month, Facebook Ads are a great place to focus…

Discover How to Actually Generate
Leads and Sales with Facebook Ads

Based on my experience managing Facebook Ads for clients and my own businesses, I’ve developed a step-by-step formula for creating Facebook Ads that actually produce results…

And I’ll be walking you through these steps in the live training….

When you attend this Live Training, you’ll discover:

  • 2 Questions You Must Answer Before You Create Your Campaign
  • Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes to Avoid
  • What All Effective Facebook Ads Campaigns Have in Common
  • The 7 Steps to Create an Effective Facebook Ads Campaign
  • 2 Main Types of Facebook Ads, and How to Know Which to Use
  • 3 Types of Targeting Options, and Which to Use for Your Specific Situation
  • How to Create Facebook Ads Landing Pages That SELL
  • How Much Should You Spend? Bidding & Budget Guidelines
  • The #1 Thing You Should Be Testing in Your Facebook Ads
  • How to Track Results and ROI from Your Facebook Ads
  • Complete Facebook Ads Campaign Settings Checklist
  • And Much, Much More…

Plus, you’ll get my Facebook Ads Worksheet to help you find your best audience, create ads, create your landing pages, and track your results.

Here’s what past attendees have said about our ad training and worksheets:

Very thorough and easy to understand instructions, plus the tools are amazing
Linda Blanton | Shelby, NC,
Phil always has some great advice on things that I need help with, particularly Facebook and Google AdWords. I took a valuable seminar given by him yesterday. He literally laid out all the tactics in a worksheet. Good stuff. Thanks Phil.
Jon Garner | Costa Mesa, California,

Is This for You?

  • If you’re totally new to Facebook Ads… I’ll quickly bring you up to speed. I don’t assume any prior Facebook Ads knowledge in this training. And by the end of this 90 minute training, you’ll know more about how this stuff works than most so-called Facebook Ads experts.
  • If you want to do it yourself… You’ll get everything you need to know to manage your Facebook Ads in-house.
  • If you’re thinking of hiring a Facebook Ads Management company… You’ll learn how Facebook Ads really work, and you’ll be able to call “BS” when you hear it. As a result, you’ll avoid hiring the wrong company.
  • And if you already hired a Facebook Ads Management company… You’ll find out whether your company is doing a good job for you, or not.
  • If you provide marketing services… I’ll bring you up to speed on the latest Facebook Ads best practices, so you stay up-to-date and provide higher-quality services to your clients..

I’ll be covering both beginner AND advanced material in this training. So, I’ll start with the basics, but then we’ll quickly get into more advanced topics.

Live Q&A

And then, I’ll answer any questions you have during the Live Q&A.

Note: this training is limited to 100 attendees so I’ll have time to answer all of your questions.


The investment for the training is $97, which gets you access to the recording and slides so you can review it at your convenience. There is no sales pitch. Just 90-minutes of training to help you get more leads and customers with Facebook Ads.

Click the button below to reserve your spot:

Special Bonus for First 10 Customers!
Facebook Ads Campaign Audit ($300 Value)

Finally, in addition to giving you my best practices, I also want to make sure you’re successfully implementing my Facebook Ads strategies. And that’s why we’re offering in-depth Facebook Ads Campaign Audits for the first 10 people to register. You’ll receive a written audit with grades for each aspect of your Facebook Ads Campaign, and specific recommendations for how you can improve. This is a $300 value available to the first 10 customers who sign up.

Click here to reserve your spot now for only $97

Phil Frost
Founder & COO
Main Street ROI

P.S. If you want to grow your business using Facebook Ads, I strongly recommend you attend this training. I’ll show you how to create Facebook Ads that actually generate leads and customers.

I trust this $97 will be one of the best investments you make in your marketing all year. If not, you get your money back.

Click here to register now for $97

P.P.S. Don’t take my word for it…

Read what other people have said about our live trainings:

Very thorough and practical training. You know it’s great training when it gets you excited and inspires you to go put the knowledge to practice right away.

Drew Hudgins | Cadiz, Kentucky

No hype, to the point, and practical!

Stephanie Boyard | Montreal, Canada

Every time I hear or read something that Phil writes, I learn something useful relating to some aspect of my business. I highly recommend not only this webinar, but any other webinar Phil has done!

Joseph Palmer | Oklahoma City, OK

The content was well presented and highly actionable. Whether you’re a small business owner or large enterprise manager you’ll walk away with information that’s game changing for your business. I highly recommend Main Street ROIs webinars.

Kelly Grove | New Jersey

Best money I’ve spent on training. You nailed what I needed. I would recommend it, definitely. Feel free to publish my comments.

Jorge Diaz | Valencia, Spain

Click the button below to reserve your spot for only $97.

P.P.P.S. Remember, there’s no risk because you’re covered by my 100% money-back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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