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Email Marketing Bootcamp

“How to Increase Your Sales with
Email Marketing in Just 30 Days!”

Hi, it’s Phil Frost from Main Street ROI, and I’m inviting you to attend our email marketing masterclass.

We designed “Email Marketing Bootcamp” to help you get all of your email marketing systems up and running in just 30 days, so you can start generating more sales ASAP.

Scroll down to learn all about the class, and click “Register Now” to place your refundable deposit and secure your spot.

Expert Training & Hands-On Help

Email Marketing Bootcamp is all about taking action and getting results. And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about email marketing, plus you get hands-on technical implementation from our developers too.

You’re getting 4 sessions of recorded video trainings (provided weekly), as well as an email marketing audit, technical assistance, plus expert 1-on-1 consulting via email and phone with me, Phil Frost.

Email Marketing Bootcamp is a 100% online class, so you’ll attend from the convenience of your office or home via your internet connection.

You’re getting access to recorded video training, so you can go through the training on your own schedule.

At the end of the class, you’ll have your email marketing systems set up properly, you’ll be sending promotions and newsletters… and you’ll be generating more leads and sales!

Why Email Marketing?

Email consistently has the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel. So I want to make sure you’re using this powerful channel to grow YOUR business!

In fact, I’m always amazed whenever I speak to business owners who aren’t taking advantage of this powerful marketing tactic…

Here are 3 reasons why I believe EVERY business owner should be using email marketing:

Reason #1. Email Delivers FAST Results

When you send out an email to your prospects or customers, the message goes right to them – and you’ll get a response back quickly. If you’re looking for a marketing tactic that’ll get a response right away, it’s hard to beat email marketing.

Reason #2. You’re In Control

You have so much more control over email marketing versus other channels. With email marketing, you’re developing a marketing asset that you fully own and control, which gives your sales and marketing much more stability.

Reason #3. It’s Simple to Use

It’s really simple to get started with email marketing so the learning curve is really fast. You can get campaigns up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

And during this training, I’m going to be sharing ALL of my best practices to help you create and manage email campaigns like a pro.

Here’s What We Cover in the Class…

Each session, we’ll cover a major aspect of email marketing, so that by the end of the 4 sessions, you’ll be fully up to speed on all of our email best practices.

  • Session #1. Building Your Email List
  • Session #2. Autoresponders & Promotions to Generate Leads & Sales
  • Session #3. Newsletters to Keep Prospects & Customers Coming Back
  • Session #4. Maximizing Your ROI

Session #1
Building Your Email List

When it comes to email marketing, “the money’s in the list!”

During this session, I’ll show you exactly how to build your email list, and how to effectively manage your list so you maximize the number of leads and sales you generate from email marketing.

We’ll cover how to organize (aka “segment”) your email list, and I’ll show you the best ways to grow your email list quickly and continuously over time.

You’ll discover:

  • The Top Email Software Providers (ESPs) We Recommend and Why
  • What to Automate in Your Email Marketing, and What Should NOT Be Automated
  • How to Segment Your Email Lists for Maximum Profits, and the 2 Most Important Segments You Need to Put in Place
  • Top 10 Best Ways to Grow Your Email List, No Matter What Industry You’re In — with Real World Examples, so You Can Prioritize the Best Tactics for YOUR Business
  • The Fastest Way to Grow Your Email List (with NO Out-of-Pocket Costs)
  • And Much, Much More…


Proven Email Templates: Just Copy, Edit & Send!

To help you hit the ground running in Week 1, we’ll hand you 2 proven email promotion templates so you can start generating more leads and sales right away.

These are actual examples of effective email promotions we’ve used in our business, and in our clients’ businesses. These campaigns have generated $1,000+ from a list of only 50 prospects. And for larger lists (15,000+), these templates generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue!

Just “copy, edit and send” — and you can make back your investment in the course even before the start of Week 2!

(And then in Week 2, I’ll explain why these templates work so well…)

Session #2
Autoresponders & Promotions
To Generate Leads And Sales

During this session, I’ll first provide tips and advice about how to get your emails delivered, opened and read. Too many businesses fail to follow these best practices, and their emails get ignored or end up in spam filters.

You see, in order to make money with email marketing, you need more than a list. You need a responsive list. You need people to actually open your emails and then take action! So, I’ll explain the psychology behind effective email marketing, and I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to increase your response rates.

Then, we’ll dive into the details about how to set up autoresponders to automatically nurture prospects and customers over time. Autoresponders are automated emails that are pre-written and pre-programmed to go out over a specific time frame. I’ll show you how to use autoresponders to generate more leads and sales — on autopilot!

Next, I’ll show you exactly how to create email promotions that generate leads & sales. And I’ll walk you through examples of proven email promotions you can use to grow your business.

You’ll discover:

  • The 2 types of autoresponders every business should put in place
  • 5 ingredients of a profitable email promotion
  • A “warm-up” promo you can use if your email list is inactive or cold
  • How to launch a new product or service to your email list
  • How to run an effective discount or sale promotion

Plus, you’ll also learn:

  • How to use “Cold Email” campaigns to generate partner prospects or B2B leads for your business
  • How to use partner email promotions to quickly grow your email list and generate leads & sales… with NO out-of-pocket costs!

BONUS #1: Email Marketing Audit
($300 Value)

Also, during this week, you’ll receive an in-depth email marketing audit, so you can see the specific areas of your email marketing that need the most attention.

We’ll audit your email marketing to make sure that you’ve got everything set up properly, and we’ll highlight any areas for improvement with your:

  • Email software program (ESP)
  • Email list segments
  • List-building
  • Autoresponders
  • Promotions
  • Newsletters

We charge $300 for these audits — but you’ll get this at no extra charge as part of this class.

BONUS #2: Email Marketing Tech Help
($300 Value)

One of the biggest sticking points that people face with email marketing is getting the technical work done — setting up an email software program, integrating forms on your website, creating email segments, uploading email lists, etc.

With Email Marketing Bootcamp, you get 3 hours of web development help included in your tuition (a $300 value).

Not sure if email marketing really works? Here’s what some of our students and clients had to say about our email strategies…

Main Street ROI guided me through my first email campaign, and in 7 days I generated more than $1,000 from a tiny list of only 50 prospects!
Dr. Sean O’Grady, Chiropractor
Over the years we had built up a customer base of 15,000 email addresses, but had never really marketed to the list before. Phil and Pete put together email campaigns for us that generated tens of thousands of dollars with virtually no effort on our part. The results have been outstanding.
Evan Birkhead, Western Cape Direct, LLC
VP Marketing
Before working with Main Street ROI I thought I was pretty good at Email Marketing, but using their tactics took me to the next level. Our open rates have doubled and sales from our email autoresponder have tripled!
Rishi Shah, CEO, Digioh, LLC

Session #3
Email Newsletters to Keep Prospects
& Customers Coming Back

During this week, I’ll show you exactly how to use email newsletters to grow your business.

An email newsletter is an absolutely critical part of your marketing strategy.

By sending a regular email newsletter, you increase your email readership and stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers. You also build trust and loyalty with your audience… and as a result, you’ll see a much higher response rate when you send out promotions.

In our own business here at Main Street ROI, our email newsletter is the primary engine of our marketing. I couldn’t imagine growing our business without it — but most businesses either aren’t sending out an email newsletter, or they’re not doing it properly.

And so, this week, I’m going to show you how to do it RIGHT… so you’ll have this incredibly valuable asset working for your business, too.

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 Key Ingredients of an Effective Email Newsletter
  • How to Get Content Created for Your Email Newsletter (Even If You Hate to Write!)
  • How Often to Send Your Email Newsletter (Depending on Your Type of Business)
  • And more…

PLUS, you’ll get some extra hands-on help to get your email newsletter up and running properly…

BONUS #3: Custom Email Newsletter Template
($150 Value)

Our developer will design a custom email newsletter template for your business, inside your ESP. We’ll include all of the key elements of an effective email newsletter, so you can just “fill-in-the-blanks” and hit the ground running with your email newsletter! You’ll save time and you’ll also gain confidence knowing you’re using all the key elements of an effective email newsletter.

Session #4
Maximizing Your ROI

In the final session, I’ll help you put all the pieces together, so you have a well-balanced email marketing strategy — and as a result, you will:
  • Build your list
  • Generate new leads
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Keep customers coming back
  • Use email partnerships to fuel your growth

First, I’ll show you how to plan your email marketing calendar, so you’ve got a well-balanced mix of email newsletter and promotions. (Too many promotions, and you’ll churn your list… but not enough frequency of either, and you won’t generate enough leads and customers!)

And I’ll give you a copy of the Email Calendar Worksheet we use for our own email marketing here at Main Street ROI.

Then, I’ll show you how to track your email marketing results, including:

  • What metrics you should be tracking
  • How to use Google Analytics (and other tools) to track the results of your email promotions

And at this point, I will have shared with you all of my email marketing best practices. But I want to make sure that you have a solid plan in place to succeed with email marketing over the long term. And that’s why I’m also giving you 1-on-1 consulting…

BONUS #4: 1-on-1 Consulting
($500 Value)

Throughout the class, I’ll provide you with 1-on-1 expert support via email. Whenever you have questions or want feedback on an aspect of your email marketing, just send me an email and I’ll reply with advice and feedback.

Plus, you’ll also schedule a private 1-on-1 consulting call with me. During our call, we’ll review your email strategy and campaign statistics together, and I’ll provide suggestions for what to adjust and test to improve your results.

Is This Right For You?

In general, Email Marketing Bootcamp is a good fit for you if:

  • You are in charge of marketing in your business
  • You already have a website
  • You provide a high-quality product or service
  • You’re willing to take action, so we can help you get results

And specifically, we’ve found that there are 3 types of people who make a great fit for Email Marketing Bootcamp:

1. Business Owners who want to learn about email marketing so they can delegate effectively, or so they can manage their own email campaigns and save thousands on email marketing management fees.

2. Marketing Managers who want to develop their skills and get better results from their company’s email campaigns. Plus, you’ll save your company thousands of dollars in fees that you’d otherwise have to spend on email marketing management services.

3. Marketing Consultants who want to get a A-to-Z blueprint for how to provide quality, effective email marketing services for clients. Just 1 long-term email marketing client could be worth $2,000 – $12,000 or more to your business!


The investment for Email Marketing Bootcamp is $997, and here’s a recap of everything you’re getting:

  • 4 Online Email Marketing Video Classes (Lifetime Access to Recordings)
  • Bonus #1: Expert Email Marketing Audit (normally $300)
  • Bonus #2: 3 Hours of Technical Help (normally $300)
  • Bonus #3: Custom Email Newsletter Template (normally $150)
  • Bonus #4: 1-on-1 Consulting via Email & Phone (normally $500)

To reserve your spot, we require a $99 refundable deposit.

Register Now with a $99 Refundable Deposit

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Here’s What Happens Next

Once you place your $99 refundable deposit, our Client Operations Manager, Andrea Rozman, will contact you to schedule a brief 15-minute consultation with me, Phil Frost.

During this call, I will answer any questions you have about the class and make sure we can help you get the results you’re looking for.

After we speak on the phone, if we both decide it’s a good fit and you want to move forward, we will finalize your enrollment and charge the remaining balance ($898) to your card.

But if you decide not to enroll in the class, for any reason, we will refund your $99 deposit.

There’s absolutely no risk to claim your spot right now.

Click here to register now with a $99 refundable deposit

Satisfaction Guarantee / Refund Policy

First of all, your deposit is refundable. So if you aren’t accepted into the class, you’ll get your $99 back.

And if you are accepted into the class, you’re covered by our money-back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works…

We’ll let you attend the entire first week of class with no risk. If you aren’t completely thrilled, for any reason, then let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your total investment.

In other words, you can test-drive the class for the first full week, with absolutely no obligation. You’ll have up to the end of the first week to claim your full refund if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason.

So as you can see, there’s no risk to reserve your spot right now.

Click the button below to register now a $99 refundable deposit.

To Your Success!

Phil Frost
Founder & COO
Main Street ROI

P.S. Here’s what some of our past attendees had to say about our training:

Very thorough and easy to understand instructions, plus the tools are amazing.
Linda Blanton, Shelby, NC
Phil always has some great advice on things that I need help with… I took a valuable seminar given by him yesterday. He literally laid out all the tactics in a worksheet. Good stuff. Thanks Phil.
Jon Garner, Costa Mesa, California
There was so much good information and Phil walks you through everything.
Sally Orcutt, Raleigh, NC
Very informative, with very thorough explanations.
Javier Santamaria, Miami Beach, FL
Very thorough and practical training. You know it’s great training when it gets you excited and inspires you to go put the knowledge to practice right away.
Drew Hudgins, Cadiz, Kentucky
No hype, to the point, and practical!
Stephanie Boyard, Montreal, Canada
Every time I hear or read something that Phil writes, I learn something useful relating to some aspect of my business. I highly recommend not only this webinar, but any other webinar Phil has done!
Joseph Palmer, Oklahoma City, OK
The content was well presented and highly actionable. Whether you’re a small business owner or large enterprise manager you’ll walk away with information that’s game changing for your business. I highly recommend Main Street ROIs webinars.
Kelly Grove, New Jersey
Best money I’ve spent on training. You nailed what I needed. I would recommend it, definitely. Feel free to publish my comments.
Jorge Diaz, Valencia, Spain

P.P.S. If you want to join the class, I recommend you place your $99 refundable deposit right now, while it’s fresh in your mind — and then Andrea will get your 15-minute consultation on the calendar ASAP.Click the button below to register now a $99 refundable deposit.