The COVID-19 Small Business SEO Stimulus Program

At Main Street ROI, our mission is to help small businesses regardless of their budget. And in this COVID-19 crisis, businesses need effective marketing more than ever.

It’s a scary time right now. Due to the coronavirus, many businesses have been forced to close, many others have lost a significant percentage of customers, and most have been reduced to skeleton crews and/or a 100% remote workforce. That’s the bad news…

But let’s focus on the good news…

This is a unique time in history where small businesses have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage while other businesses go into hibernation. By investing in marketing now, you’ll position your business for success in the future.

Here’s how we can help…

To help small businesses gain a competitive advantage through the COVID-19 crisis, we created the COVID-19 Small Business SEO Stimulus Program. This is our way of giving back to the small business community when they need it most.  And our hope is that when this pandemic is all over, then we’ll continue to work together and form a long-term business relationship.

What is the COVID-19 Small Business SEO Stimulus Program?

In the month of May, new clients can sign up for one of our Starter SEO service levels and pay only 50% of the normal rate for the next 2 months.

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We will provide the same level of service at each corresponding level. In other words, when you sign up for Starter SEO, you’ll get $500/m worth of service for just $250/m for the next 2 months.

Importantly, there is no long term commitment with our Starter SEO services. They are all month-to-month.

Who Qualifies for this Stimulus?

We are opening this up for all new clients that wish to sign up in May. (If you’re an existing Main Street ROI client, please contact us to discuss relief options.)

Here’s how to get started…

Click below and use the promo code COVID to sign up and lock in this low rate for the next 2 months.

Click here to sign up for SEO Starter Lite for $175/m (regularly $350/m)

Click here to sign up for SEO Starter for $250/m (normally $500/m)

Click here to sign up for SEO Starter Plus for $375/m (normally $750/m)