4 Reasons to Shift Your Marketing Budget to Digital

For years, the creation of marketing plans consisted of allocating budget between mostly TV, radio, direct mail, and print advertising. During the 2000s, the growth in internet usage and the introduction of social media drastically changed the marketing landscape. Digital marketing became an essential part of business success. Like every marketing channel, digital marketing has [...]

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Kwasi Asare-Darko: Team Member Spotlight — May 2016

Every month, we feature a member of our team here at Main Street ROI. This month, we’re featuring our Digital Advertising Analyst, Kwasi Asare-Darko.   How did you get into digital advertising? I came out of college working as a web developer for a friend’s startup. When one of our clients decided to try out [...]

3 Reasons to Send a Print Newsletter

If you’re a Main Street Inner Circle member, you already know that we send a print newsletter to our members every month. That probably sounds pretty crazy coming from a digital marketing agency, but it’s true. In addition to our digital email newsletter, we actually write, print and mail a physical newsletter every single month. [...]

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5 Steps to Set Up a Retargeting Campaign

On Wednesday, I hosted a training session where I showed attendees step-by-step how to get started with retargeting advertising. And in this article, I’m giving a brief recap of the 5 main steps to set up a retargeting campaign. Retargeting 101 But first, in case you're unfamiliar with retargeting, here's a quick overview. Retargeting is [...]

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Retargeting

In a previous article, I explained why retargeting is such a great tactic for small businesses. Today, I want to briefly recap those benefits, and then move on to some common mistakes people make with retargeting campaigns.   Benefits of Retargeting The first benefit of retargeting is that you can increase your conversion rates on [...]

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3 Step System to Get More Leads & Sales

If you’re already generating traffic to your website, then your best opportunity to increase your sales is conversion. In this article, I’m walking you through the 3-part conversion system we recommend no matter what business you’re in. The conversion system has 3 key components: Paid Offer Lead Magnet Follow-Up 1. Improve Your Paid Offer Your [...]

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Retargeting Q&A with Arjun Dev Arora of ReTargeter.com

This is a Q&A on retargeting with Arjun Dev Arora, Founder and Chairman of ReTargeter, a retargeting solutions provider based in San Francisco, CA.  @arjundarora  @retargeter Can you tell us about ReTargeter? What services do you offer, and what types of businesses do you work with? ReTargeter is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in [...]

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4 Steps to Create Your 2014 Online Marketing Plan

On Monday, I answered your #1 question about online marketing based on our end of the year survey.  It you're on a quest to find that one, absolute best online marketing tactic, then do yourself a favor and read my last post.  It'll save you from one of the biggest mistakes in online marketing. Today, [...]

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Q&A with McKay Allen on Call Tracking and Conversation Analytics

This blog entry is an interview with McKay Allen, Inbound Marketing Manager at LogMyCalls. McKay is a noted marketing expert and has spoken at SMX, SES, Social Media Strategies Summit and other events across North America. What is call tracking? SMBs, agencies, and enterprise-level companies use call tracking to determine which ads, keywords, and campaigns [...]

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