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How to Find if Your Pages Are Indexed by Google

Ensuring your pages are properly indexed is a fundamental step in improving your website's SEO. The first place to check is Google Search Console, which is a great resource for submitting your sitemap and determining if there are issues with any of your pages. The second place to check is on Google itself via a [...]

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Use Search Intent to Guide Your SEO Strategy

Here's an important question to consider: In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), what's worse than not ranking on the first page of Google for your desired keyword?  You can't do any worse than that right? Wrong! You can actually do much worse. The answer is investing time and money to rank on the [...]

How to Edit a Page to Improve its Ranking for a Target Keyword

In this video, we will take a look at how to edit a webpage to improve its rankings for a target keyword to increase your website’s visibility in search. Implementing these simple SEO strategies on your most important pages is likely to result in a boost in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and sales. If you [...]

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How Long Does It Take to Get Results From SEO?

In this video, you'll discover what it takes to optimize your website for SEO right now, and a few things that will enable you to do it more quickly. 🔥 Learn more about… Creating high quality articles that engage your readers SEO optimization Sharing and repurposing content Link building 🌟 There’s no time like the [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a lot of challenges to overcome as they grow. The recent COVID-19 pandemic made it even more difficult for business owners, and small businesses that hadn’t invested in digital marketing quickly noticed how essential it is. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your brand and products in [...]

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How Changing URLs and Domains Hurts SEO: Proceed with Caution!

When it comes to search engine optimization, your website’s domain and URL structure make a big difference. And URL structure is just one part of creating an SEO-friendly website structure. In fact, changing either your domain or URLs can hurt your site’s SEO–unless you implement changes correctly. In this blog post, we’ll go over why [...]

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Competitor Keyword Analysis: How to Find Your Competitors’ Best Keywords

Driving traffic and leads to your website with SEO is one of the best investments you can make as a small business owner. SEO traffic is some of the highest quality traffic out there and it’s not reliant upon ad spend, promotions, or one-time events.  With the right information, consistent research, and the will to [...]

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How to Find Your Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

Learn how to quickly find the title tags and meta descriptions for your webpages in this short video. It is important to know how to find this information for your own pages, but this can also be used to see what title tags and meta descriptions your competitors are using.

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How to Start a Blog for Your Business in 7 Simple Steps

Are you considering launching a blog for your company? If so, it’s one of the smartest marketing decisions you can make. Small businesses with blogs experience 126% more lead growth and 55% more website visitors than those that don’t have them. (Sources: Oberlo; ActiveBlogs) Taking your blog idea and successfully implementing it is not easy, [...]

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SEO FAQ: Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up On Google?

Google searching is the primary way that people find businesses on the Internet. In order to be found, your company’s website needs to show up on the first page of Google. 90% of all Google clicks never go beyond the first page.  It’s frustrating when your site hasn’t ranked on page one yet, or isn’t [...]

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