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Why Many Businesses LOSE Money With Google Ads

Google Ads search advertising can be one of the best investments for your business for 2 very good reasons: Highly targeted - Your ad only appears when people are searching for your product or service in Google.  So you get in front of your ideal customer at the exact time she's looking to buy. Low risk - [...]

How to Make Sure Your Google Ads Location Targeting is Set Up Correctly

Watch our latest video and learn how to ensure your Google Ads are only serving to people in your targeted locations. This is not the default setting, so it's easy to miss!

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How Buying a Puppy Is a Lot Like Launching Google Ads

For about a year, my kids relentlessly asked for a dog, and my wife and I finally agreed to go look and get more information. Our plan was to see what kinds of dogs were available and how much they cost so that we'd be ready to buy one after we move into a bigger [...]

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How to Use Negative Keyword Lists in Google Ads to Save Money & Improve Your Return on Ad Spend

Watch our latest video and learn how to use negative keyword lists to save money and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) in Google Ads.

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4 Steps to Create Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2023

We're already a couple of weeks into the New Year, so it's time to buckle down and create your marketing plan for 2023 if you haven’t already.  If you have writer's block, then this 4-step process will help you kick-start your planning. Before we dive in, I need to clear up an all too common [...]

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