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5 Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

What is one of the most effective tools for strengthening your relationship with prospects and customers so that you increase retention, repeat sales, and referrals? The answer may come as a surprise... It's email marketing. To clarify, I'm talking about email marketing to your own "house" list of prospects and customers, not to a list [...]

5 Email Marketing Tips to Make Sure Your Campaigns Work

Love it or hate it, email remains a core channel for digital marketing. In fact, email consistently has the highest return-on-investment when compared to other outbound digital channels. Developing a strong and smart email marketing program is a surefire way to strengthen your business long term. Though email has been around for a long time, [...]

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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

In a 2014 column by the late New York Times columnist David Carr, tech CEO Jason Hirschorn was quoted saying, “Email is a 40-year-old technology that is not going away for very good reasons — it’s the cockroach of the Internet.” Hirschorn was correct. In fact, email marketing and email newsletters have experienced a triumphant resurgence [...]

7 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, many businesses make email marketing mistakes that cost them time and potential customers. Here are seven common email marketing mistakes most businesses make and how to avoid them.   Mistake #1: Not Segmenting Your List Do you send the same email to every subscriber on your list? If you do, you’re missing a major opportunity [...]

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9 Stats That Prove Email Marketing Is Not Dead

One hundred and twenty-one. That’s the amount of emails that Entrepreneur claims the average person receives each day. With a number that high, it’s no wonder that for years we’ve heard the resounding cry that email marketing is dead. But, saturation does not mean death. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Here [...]

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The 6 Key Metrics to Track in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing can be powerful and far-reaching -- more people use email than Facebook and Twitter combined -- but you won't get far if you're going in blind. Email marketing is like any other form of online marketing -- you'll only succeed if you optimize, and optimizing requires data. But which data should you track to [...]

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Email Marketing Lessons from Trump & Clinton

With this year’s election, there sure is a lot to talk about.  It seems like every day we have some new gossip on Trump or Clinton. But if you sift through all the noise, there’s actually a lot you can learn from this election - Specifically with email marketing.  In this article I’m going to [...]

Email Marketing 101: 4 Ways to Build Your Email List

In my last article, I presented key reasons that email marketing is important for your business. If you’re just getting started, then you’ve probably realized there is one glaring problem. You don’t have an email list. Without a list, you probably agree that email marketing is important but you have no idea how to get started. Not [...]

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10 Email Ideas: Use One of These When You Have Writer’s Block

You know how important it is to engage with your email list. You also know how email is a great tool for generating leads and sales. But, that doesn't mean you always have ideas on what to send! Even the best marketing professionals can get so wrapped up in a project that the creativity just [...]

Offline Marketing: 5 Ways to Use It for Online Campaigns

There's no question that digital marketing has become a key part of any small business marketing plan. A recent report found that 1/3 of businesses plan on introducing a digital program and nearly 1/2 already have. Unfortunately, that same report found that 50% of businesses that are using digital marketing have no plan on how [...]

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