SEO Case Study: Locksmith


We started working with a Texas locksmith with multiple locations in different cities.


What We Did

  • We conducted multiple rounds of website audits, keyword research, and competitor analysis to identify SEO content development opportunities and backlinking opportunities.
  • We documented SEO edits and implemented the edits on the website.
  • We built out separate pages for each of the locations, as well as sub-pages for different ‘service areas’ (priority towns and suburbs near their locations).
  • We also drafted expanded content and added more subpages on the website for specific services in addition to their main locksmith services such as alarm systems and garage door openers.
  • We have also continually drafted blog posts.
  • We built new links to the website.


Rankings: The website gained top 10 rankings in most of the cities, including several top 3 rankings.

Traffic: Here is a graph of organic search traffic to the website over the past several years.

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