SEO Case Study: Executive Recruiter


When the client came to us in mid-2018, their website had some rankings, but it was not achieving its potential. The website was not properly optimized for keywords based on keyword research, and the website was lacking many important SEO landing pages, including pages for high-priority cities. The client was looking to improve rankings, grow organic traffic, and generate more leads from organic search. Over the course of 1 year, we improved Google rankings, increased organic traffic, and increased the volume of leads tracked through Google Analytics.

Below is a summary of our work:


SEO Tune-Up

We started by conducting an SEO Tune-Up including:

  • Keyword research
  • Editing page titles, meta descriptions, headers and website copy
  • Technical SEO improvements, including structured data and fixing broken links

Content Development

Next, we focused on content development, including

1) Service page content expansion

We drafted expanded content for the client’s priority service pages, including their C-Level, Corporate Communications, Food & Beverage, Marketing Communications, and Sales pages.

After working with us, the firm gained new top 10 rankings for terms such as:

  • c suite recruiters.
  • foodservice recruiter
  • food industry executive recruiters
  • communications recruiters

2) Geographic pages

We built out several geographic landing pages to build new rankings in high-priority cities that the client wanted to focus on. Many of these pages gained Top 10 rankings and are still ranking well today.

Based on our work, the firm gained new top 10 rankings for terms including:

  • executive recruiter Cincinnati
  • executive recruiters orlando
  • executive recruiters Philadelphia
  • executive recruiters dc

3) Articles

We drafted several articles for the client’s blog, in order to help gain new rankings as well as internal linking opportunities.

Link Building

We built new links to their website via directory submissions, competitor link research, and outreach. Below is a snapshot of growth in referring domains (websites linking to their website):

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