SEO Case Studies

Organic Search Engine Traffic Has Tripled, And
The Website Now Generates 2X More Leads



Background: Client Not Getting Found in Google

Our client, an asphalt paving company, contacted us and expressed frustration that his competitors were ranking high in Google and he was nowhere to be found.He knew he was missing out on new business every year simply because prospective customers were choosing his competitors that ranked on the first page of Google.  Prospective customers are searching “paving contractors”, “asphalt paving”, and “asphalt crack repair” every single day and our client was losing that business.

Solution: Optimized Website, Built Citations & Links, and Developed Fresh Content

The first step we took was to complete what we call the SEO Tune-Up.  The SEO Tune-Up includes the following:

  • Keyword and competitor research to identify the best search opportunities
  • Edits to core pages of the website
  • Creation of new core pages to target additional “buying-intent” keywords
  • Creation of new informational pages to target “research-intent” keywords
  • Fix all technical issues like site speed, mobile optimized pages, broken links, missing schema, duplicate pages
  • Set up and verify Google My Business profile
  • Set up Google Analytics and Search Console to track performance

In other words, we cleaned up the on-page SEO.  On-page SEO is everything on your website that affects your rankings.  Since you’re in full control over your on-page SEO, this is usually your biggest leverage point.

Next, we switched our focus from on-page SEO over to off-page SEO.  Off-page SEO is everything off of your website that affects your rankings.  For example, you’ve probably already heard that citations and links on other websites can boost your search engine rankings.  Those are both examples of off-page SEO factors.

Finally, we began developing more content on the website via blog articles and Frequently Asked Question section, in order to provide the website with more opportunities to get found in search results.

Results: Dramatic Increase in SEO Rankings, Traffic & Conversions

Keyword rankings have been very strong. Initially the client only ranked on the first page for a handful of terms, and now the website ranks #1 in Google locally for 12 priority terms. The website now generated 3X more traffic and 2X more leads versus when we started our work.

3X Increase in SEO Traffic, 6X Increase in Leads

Challenge: Website Not Optimized for Keywords

When the client came to us for help, their website was not optimized for search engines. As a result, their website was not appearing at the top of Google for relevant search terms. When we began our work, the client had zero first-page Google Rankings for any of the priority keywords that we were tracking. For the top-priority keyword, the client’s ranking was #63 in Google.

What We Did:

  • Audited the Website: First, we audited the website to identify all of the specific issues that were preventing the website from ranking high in the search engines. Based on that audit, we created our custom search engine optimization plan.
  • Keyword Research: Next, we conducted research to identify the specific terms that prospective customers would use to find the client’s products when searching in Google.
  • Keyword Optimization: We identified specific edits we could make to the website in order to help various pages rank higher in Google. Then, since our client had its own web development team, our client’s web developers implemented the website edits that we had documented.
  • Link Building: Because inbound links (links from other website pointing to your website) are a major factor in search engine rankings, we dedicated a lot of resources towards building new links to the website. We submitted the client to relevant directories, and we conducted research and outreach to request links from relevant websites. As a result, the client attracted new links to their website, and this helped improve rankings.
  • Content Library: Next, we researched topics for informational articles that would form a “Knowledge Center” on the client’s website. We then drafted the articles for the client’s approval, and the client’s web developers added the articles to the client’s website.

Results: Top Rankings, 3X More Traffic, 6X More Leads
As we mentioned above, when we began our work, the client had zero first-page Google Rankings for any of the priority keywords that we were tracking. For the top-priority keyword, the client’s ranking was #63 in Google.

Today, the client has 10 first-page Google Rankings for priority keywords. For their top-priority keyword, the client’s website currently ranks #2 in Google.

Overall, we’ve seen a 3X increase in traffic and 6X increase in leads since we started our work.

Dramatic Increase in SEO Traffic

SEO Case Study

Challenge: Website Not Mobile Friendly, Not Optimized for Search Engines, Few Links

When we first started working together, our client’s website was not mobile-friendly, and was not optimized for search engines. The website also did not have many links. As a result, the website was not showing up for many relevant terms.

Solution: Developed New Mobile-Friendly and SEO-Friendly Website, Built More Citations and Links, and Added Fresh Content

We developed a new mobile-friendly website, optimized the website for relevant keywords, built more links and citations, and continually added pages of fresh content on the website.

Results: SEO Traffic Increased By More Than 6X

After implementing our SEO strategy, we’ve seen a very positive trend in terms of their SEO traffic, as you can see in the chart below. SEO traffic has grown by more than 6 times its original level.

Google Ads Case Studies

Lead Generation Client

  • Background
    • Company wanted to increase online applications using Google Ads
    • We launched ads in June
  • What We Did
    • Built 5 Google Ads campaigns targeting their core customers
    • Quickly allocated the budget to the top performing campaigns
    • Turned off ads during days/times that did not perform well
    • Optimized bids per device
  • Results
    • Increased conversions from 22 in June to 98 in Sept (345% increase!)
    • Decreased cost/conv from $69 in June to $51 in Sept (35% decrease!)

E-Commerce Client

  • Background
    • Client was advertising, but did not have revenue tracking set up correctly
  • What We Did
    • Installed Ads revenue tracking right away
    • Used revenue data to optimize the campaign
      • Turned off campaigns that were not profitable
      • Allocated more budget to the most profitable campaigns
  • Results
    • In Feb, ad spend was $11,016, revenue was $48,535
    • In Sep, ad spend reduced by $8,100, revenue increased to $87,628
      • 81% increase in revenue from a 36% decrease in ad spend!

Facebook Ads Case Study

E-Commerce Client

  • Background
    • Client was not yet advertising and wanted to drive sales using Facebook Ads
  • What We Did
    • Set up the following targeted campaigns:
      • Remarketing
        • Targets previous site visitors
      • Demographic and interest targeting
        • Targets gender, age, education level, income level, interests (Boho-chic, Shopping and fashion, Hippie, Online shopping, Fashion & Dresses, Mini Dresses, Summer Wear, etc.)
      • Competitor targeting
        • Targets gender, age, and people who’ve shown interest in competing brands
      • Demographic and behavioral targeting
        • Targets gender, age, education level, income level, behaviors (Womens fashion & apparel buyers, Fashionistas, High-ticket apparel and accessories or Mid-ticket apparel and accessories, online buyers, etc.)
      • Lookalike targeting
        • Targets gender, age, education level, income level, and those with other similar characteristics to past site buyers
    • Results
      • Generated $277K from $9.5K ad spend in the first year working together
      • Generated $26K in revenue from a $1K investment during the first month of spend
      • Increased revenue to $52K in the second month of spend without increasing ad investment