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  1. Meet the Presenter

David Danielson
Product Marketing


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  1. Meet the Presenter

David Danielson
Founder & COO

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This FREE webinar will be valuable to you if:

  • You’re generating phone calls, but you’re not tracking them properly
  • You’re already using call tracking, but you want expert tips and advice to improve your marketing ROI

During the webinar, Convirza’s David Danielson will share how to properly track incoming phone calls, and use phone call analytics to improve your marketing ROI.

When you attend, you’ll discover:

  • What types of business should be using call tracking
  • How to get started with call tracking
  • What types of marketing campaigns can benefit from call tracking
  • What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), and why you should be using it to improve your ROI
  • Does DNI hurt SEO – and other Frequently Asked Questions, answered
  • Case studies that prove the value of call tracking
  • Why you need conversion analytics – not just call tracking – to maximize ROI
  • Top tricks to generate more phone calls from your marketing campaigns
  • How to track the full journey of your customer from website traffic to phone call to sale
  • And more…

Plus, David will stay on the webinar to answer all of your questions about call analytics.

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