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How to Get Started With Local SEO to Generate Sales for Your Small Business

Local SEO can be a huge sales generator for small businesses. When your site is easily discovered through a simple Google search, you increase exposure, your lead base and sales. Google has become one of the most well-respected companies on the planet, so when Google says you are number one in your area, consumers believe [...]

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Why We’re Thankful to Work at Main Street ROI

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It's not only because of the food (though I always enjoy my fair share of pumpkin pie and stuffing) but also because it's a holiday where people celebrate the gratitude they have for all the good things in their lives. Last year, I wrote an entire blog post about why [...]

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SEO FAQs Answered: Tips from the MSROI Team

To be #1 on Google. Isn't that every small business owner's dream? Ranking high in Google's search results is without a doubt one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and turn those visitors into customers. That's why making sure to focus on SEO as part of your digital marketing plan is [...]

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Relationship with Guest Bloggers

Even though guest blogging is a two-way street, more often than not we hear advice from the blogger’s perspective on how they can make the most out of blogging with a third party. This is often fairly standard: bloggers will pitch topics that are relevant to that particular blog’s audience, follow their editorial guidelines, and [...]

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The 6 Best Google Analytics Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are always trying to gain insights about their customers. And why not? The key to making a sale is knowing who's most likely to buy. That said, it's unrealistic to survey everyone who walks through your door or visits your website -- but with Google Analytics, you don't have to. Google Analytics [...]

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6 Digital Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Embrace digital marketing. If you want to spread the word about your business, then that's what you've got to do. Newspaper and radio ads are still effective for small business advertising, but let's face it - those old-school mediums don't hold a candle to SEO, social media marketing, PPC marketing or other forms of going [...]

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What Google’s Fred Update Means for Your Small Business

Over the years Google has made concerted efforts to continually update their algorithms as a way to improve the relevance of search engine results. From Google's perspective, this makes a lot of sense. Their success as the #1 used search engine relies on users feeling like the search terms they use provide them with the [...]

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3 Email Marketing Tips For Small Business Success

Email marketing is an important tool in your digital marketing toolkit. It's a great way to remind your customers about the great things your business is doing and it's also an effective tool for generating sales.  However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or disengaged with your business’s email marketing efforts if you don’t see the results [...]

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Local SEO Tips From the Main Street ROI Team

Remember the days that you had to Google a place for lunch before you left the house earlier that day? Or, take it even further back and think about a time that you opened up the phone book to find the closest hardware store. The growth of mobile technology has made it possible for us [...]

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