Over the past 7 years of working closely with small business owners, I’ve found there are two types of people who succeed with online marketing.  One I  call the Driver and the other, the Navigator.  As I said, both can be successful so one is not necessarily better than the other.  But it’s important to know which one you are because it affects how you approach your online marketing campaigns. So in this article I’ll explain the characteristics of each one to see which you more closely resemble.

Let’s start with the Driver.  If you’re a Driver, then you want to be behind the wheel, foot on the gas pedal, hands on the steering wheel, in full control of your marketing campaigns.  One of my private clients is a Driver.  He loves to roll up his sleeves and dig deep into his campaigns.  We’ll discuss the psychology of his ideal customers, brainstorm copywriting split tests, and work together to research marketing tactics across multiple industries. He just loves marketing and loves to learn and test new ideas.

The Achilles’ heel of Drivers is they tend to drive off course from time to time.  They go fast, but not always in the right direction. So it’s my job to reign in my client and keep his marketing aligned with his overall business goals.  If you relate to the Driver, then it’s important to find some form of outside accountability.  Masterminds, group coaching, and of course our membership program, Main Street Inner Circle are all great tools to keep you on course as your foot remains firmly on the gas pedal.

Now let’s move on to the Navigator.  The Navigator also loves marketing, but does not have the time or the desire to be the one behind the wheel. Instead, the Navigator rides shotgun and outsources specific marketing activities.  Now, it’s important to note the Navigator is still in the car and closely monitors everything.

We believe that almost every business should be delegating or outsourcing some aspects of their marketing. That said, businesses get into trouble when they step out of the car and completely hand over the keys to an outsourced marketing company.  That’s never a good idea. No one else cares more about your business or knows more about your particular situation than you.

The Achilles’ heel of Navigators is they don’t monitor their marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) frequently enough or they monitor the wrong KPIs.  Both can get you into serious trouble.  That’s why it’s my job when working with a Navigator to help them analyze their KPIs, better manage their team, and find reputable marketing professionals.

As you may have noticed, the shared trait between Navigators and Drivers is their love for marketing.  Both know it’s the key to their business success and therefore make it a priority to stay up-to-date with marketing best practices.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the one doing the work or you’re outsourcing.  Either way, you must make marketing a priority to be successful in business.

That’s why we created Main Street Inner Circle over a year ago and it’s the main reason why our members stay month after month.  Both Drivers and Navigators benefit from our tested marketing strategies, step-by-step action guides, and advice about how to take advantage of the latest trends in online marketing.

So are you an online marketing Driver or are you a Navigator?  Knowing this distinction will help you avoid your Achilles’ heel and ensure your marketing is more effective over the long term.