Today, we are excited to feature boutique marketing agency Alipes.

Alipes is an award-winning digital marketing agency that focuses on creating custom digital strategies for clients.

They specialize in web development, creative strategy and execution, third party integrations and optimizations, social listening, and more.

Discover more about Alipes in this week’s agency spotlight!

1) Tell us a bit about your agency. What is your agency’s area of expertise?

For over 20 years, we’ve brought together research, strategy, design, media, analytics, and technology expertise in a single integrated agency. We look at our clients’ business needs and determine the best strategy to help move their audiences to take a specific action. This could be defining a new media strategy and implementation to roll out a new product, or designing a new logo and brand vision, or even implementing a website migration to a more modern platform. We deliver custom strategy and solutions to ultimately drive sales, boost engagement, and improve online digital footprints.

We have also developed specialized support for Salesforce implementations, where we provide clients with support and optimization by building custom analytics dashboards, personalized customer journeys, rewards management systems, and other solutions that complement any Salesforce needs. In addition, we partner with our clients to identify new customer engagement pathways through our social listening, monitoring, and strategy offerings.

2) Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is seeking a bespoke solution to address its unique business challenge. From Fortune 100s to nonprofits, we have vertical industry expertise in Pharma/biotech/healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply chain/Logistics, Sustainability/Environmental/Solar, Transportation, Electronics (Micro/Nano), Non-Profit, Hospitality, Banking/Fintech, Retail, and Consumer Products. Additionally, we work with a variety of internal groups, from digital, communications, marketing, and sales teams to IT, human resources, Salesforce, and operations client leads.

3) Why do clients choose to work with your agency?

We’re small by design, allowing us to prioritize meaningful connections with every customer and agency partner. We are passionate, curious, and motivated to do great work, every day. And, most importantly, we hope that our work speaks for itself as we simply love to solve business problems with unique, modern, and deliverable-focused approaches.

4) When you review potential clients, what is a common mistake that you see them making with their marketing?

We see two different types of common mistakes with our clients. The first is an almost paralyzation about how to proceed. The digital landscape is fast-moving and ever-changing, often leaving clients confused about the best approach. They might choose too much or too little in terms of engagement options. We pride ourselves on our ability to make informed, client-specific plans and decisions to meet and exceed key performance indicators and expectations while also using the data to adjust quickly as needed.

The second issue we find is that customers tend to want to boil the ocean when reaching out to prospective audiences. Meaning, clients believe one message will fit all audiences. This can be costly and convoluted, lacking direction and purpose, and often leads to brand confusion. Alipes helps to narrow down target segmentations to match the appropriate message, creative, and call to action with the right audience.

5) Can you share a marketing channel, strategy, or tactic that is working well for your clients right now?

At the beginning of our client engagements, we spend a lot of time working through a discovery process in partnership with our clients. It’s a deep dive into the inner workings of the business, the KPIs, business priorities, current data, future plans, etc. to fully understand how an investment in a marketing strategy and plan can ultimately reach the client’s goals. This enables us to have a clear vision and understanding before we simply get to work. It’s the best way to provide clear direction for engagement and setting both us and the client up for success at the onset of the project.

6) What’s your advice for an agency owner who’s just starting out?

Don’t be afraid of an agency partnership. There is so much value in partnering with other agencies on projects for clients, from deliverables to ideation to workload, partnering is a great way to build your client base, showcase your own niche support, and grow existing relationships within the industry.

7) In terms of marketing your own agency, what’s working best for you in terms of gaining new clients?

Referrals and testimonials remain a strong driver for our new customer acquisitions because we stand by our work deliverables to clients. Otherwise, we continue to find the balance between cold outreach, event attendance, and marketing our services organically and through paid efforts.

8) How would you describe your agency’s culture?

Uncomplicated partners | Straightforward thinkers | Curious | Lively | Engaged

9) What do you look for in a new hire at your agency?

Besides relevant position expertise and experience level, we want to ensure the person will fit seamlessly within our team culture. We always say we can teach someone new marketing or industry-specific skills, we simply need the individual to be curious, engaged, smart, and hopefully enjoy a sense of humor because we think we are funny.

10) How are you using (or not using) generative AI in your marketing agency?

It’s an ongoing and exciting topic for us at Alipes. We are always exploring new ways to use generative AI into our processes from copy draft editing, help with coding, or through more eccentric uses in our creative planning, albeit that it is primarily for inspiration. We are mostly interested in how we can help other businesses leverage generative AI’s power into their processes, helping them streamline, automate, and make sense of their existing systems.