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AdWords Mastery: How to Create and
Manage AdWords Campaigns Like a Pro!”

I implemented just a few of the things I learned and have already seen an improvement in my adwords campaign. Lower CPC and more clicks. Exactly the info I needed.
Cindy Grigsby | Indianapolis, IN


Very thorough and easy to understand instructions, plus the tools are amazing.
Linda Blanton | Shelby, NC


Phil always has some great advice on things that I need help with, particularly Google AdWords. I took a valuable seminar given by him yesterday. He literally laid out all the tactics in a worksheet. Good stuff. Thanks Phil.

Jon Garner | Costa Mesa, California, Marketing Consultant, Garner Communications


Session #3. Display Mastery

During this session, I’ll show you step-by-step how to profitably advertise on the Display Network…. so you attract a steady flow of new customers to your business every month!

In case you’re not familiar with the Display Network, here’s some quick background info:

What is the Google AdWords Display Network?

The Google AdWords Display Network allows you to display ads when prospects are surfing around on any of the 2+ million websites that show AdWords ads.

This is separate from advertising on when prospects are searching for your products and services (that’s the “Search Network”).

Google’s Display Advertising Network reaches over 90% of all Internet users worldwide!

So if you’re not advertising on the Display Network, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get in front of more of your target prospects and customers.

Very helpful and action driven. The Ad Planner is a great tool for streamlining, planning and implementing a successful Adwords campaign. I recommend this course to everyone doing PPC on Adwords — even if you’ve been doing PPC for years, you will learn something new.

Cristina Zapata | Providence, RI, Marketing Director, Xzito


Before I went through your training, I tried 2 things. First we outsourced our PPC campaign to other company. All they did was waste around $5,000 of our money with almost zero results. Then I gave the task to a “marketing expert “inside of our company to do this job and it was also very poor. After that I decided to learn all about AdWords on my own and purchased this training.

At first I was not sure exactly what to expect, however all the parts in the training are explained very very well. Everything is done step by step easy to understand and easy to apply.
This training does not only teach you about technical parts of PPC campaigns and AdWords, but you can also find lots of very interesting marketing tricks inside which can also help other aspects of your business.

I would recommend this to every business owner that is interested in AdWords…even if you wish to outsource this, you should know what that other company will be doing with your money.

Also the support is great. One of the best thing is that when you actually SET UP your campaign, they check it out personally and tell you what you did good and where you sucked. Super useful.

Mitja Mirtic, CEO of
Pete and Phil have been extremely helpful. I struggled for months to set up an effective Adwords campaign. Their AdWords training breaks it down into simple steps that really teaches you the fundamentals to building out simple or complex campaigns. Pete and Phil also do a great job at making themselves available and accessible for any questions. Overall I would highly recommend Main Street ROI to any small business owner or junior marketer.
Cortney Thorley | San Francisco, CA, Marketing Manager
Your training taught me how to take a pay per click program all the way from research to execution. I would recommend this course to small business owners and to marketing agencies who are looking to expand their service offerings.
Nick Robinson | Philadelphia, PA, Director of Client Services Social Media HQ
Prior to going through your training, I took a stab at AdWords on my own. To say the results were disappointing is putting it mildly. I originally reached out to Main Street ROI to see if they could recommend a PPC management company. They made a good argument that a) I could probably do it myself; and b) even if I did eventually hire someone I should know what I’m doing. So I took the course. Well worth it! We saw our first sale within 2 days of launching our campaigns and profit within a week.

As for the course, it is organized in well thought-out blocks that build upon one another. They are presented clearly and without jargon. In addition to the videos, the spreadsheet provided for everything from selecting keywords to creating ads is an amazing tool.

At this point, I find creating and optimizing campaigns fun!

Andreas Thomson, Marketing Manager


P.P.S. Remember, we can only take 20 students for this class due to our limited resources for the AdWords Audit, Tech Help, and Expert 1-on-1 Consulting with me. With our current staff, we can handle 20 audits and provide 3 hours of technical help for 20 websites. And I have limited time available for 1-on-1 consulting.

So, if you want to join the class, I recommend you place your $99 refundable deposit right now, while it’s fresh in your mind — and then Andrea will get your 15-minute consultation on the calendar ASAP.

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