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Last week I wrote about How to Get Multiple Listings in Google. If you’re under the impression that ranking #1 in Google is the Holy Grail of search engine optimization (SEO), then go read that article now and come back here when you’re done.

#1 is great, but I’d much prefer to be #1, #2, #3… and as many other listings as I can get in Google.  That’s how you truly dominate your market for your target keywords.

Once you understand this concept of multiple listings, then the question becomes, “What types of content should you create to maximize the number of prospects who click on your listings?

Think about it like this – If you could get each of the top 10 listings on the first page of Google for a particular keyword, then what would those listings be in order to attract the most prospects to your website?  Obviously, if all 10 listings were basically the same, then some prospects will click to the 2nd page in Google or type in another keyword because the message may not resonate with them.

The trick here is to get different types of content to rank for the same keyword so you maximize your reach.  The same is true with advertising so this isn’t anything new. We’re simply applying a proven advertising tactic to SEO.


3 Messages to Maximize Clicks

In any industry, the 3 different messages you can use are:

  1. Gain
  2. Fear
  3. Logic


The fact is, different people will respond to different messages. If you’re a dentist, then you may already know that some people are more drawn to positive (i.e. Gain) messages like “how to get a brighter smile” while other people are draw to negative (i.e. Fear) message like “how to avoid cavities.” And others may be more attracted to logic like “good oral hygiene can save you thousands in healthcare.”

The gain message attracts people who want to move toward pleasure and the fear message attracts people who want to move away from pain.  And the logic message attracts the so called “left-brained.”

Now the problem is we never know which message is going to resonate best with the person searching in Google.  So which type of message should you use for the webpages you want to rank in Google?

That’s a trick question because ideally you want to get ALL three of them to rank in Google for your target keyword.  That way you’ll maximize the chances your prospect will click on one of your listings.

next steps = identify keywords you want to get multiple listings for.. create webpages using the 3 different messages..


3 Steps to Multiple Listings That Maximize Clicks

Now that you understand the concept of multiple listings and multiple messages, it’s time to put it all together.  Here are the 3 basic steps to take advantage of this strategy:

  1. Pick your target keywords
  2. Create content (articles, videos, press releases, or audio) using the 3 different messages: Gain, Fear, and Logic
  3. Publish your content on high-authority websites like YouTube, PRWeb, Facebook, Google+, etc


Again, to learn more about how to get multiple listings, read How to Get Multiple Listings in Google.